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6 Outdoor Activities to Try in Calgary Before Summer's Over

Posted on Aug 02, 2018 by Earl Raatz

6 Outdoor Activities to Try in Calgary Before Summer's Over6 Outdoor Activities to Try in Calgary Before Summer's Over Lake Mountains Feature ImageIt often seems like summer's over all too soon. However, the good thing is that Calgary is full of fun things you can do to make the most of what's left of the season. Make sure you and the family get out and try a few of these fun activities while the weather's still hot!

1. Go Geocaching 

Geocaching is an outdoor adventure made possible with the help of today's latest technology. The way it works is simple, but lots of fun:

  • Put coordinates into a GPS-enabled unit
  • Follow the directions to a hidden box
  • Open up the cache and put the date in the included logbook
  • If something is in the box that you take, leave something else of equal value
  • Always put the box back as you found it for the next person to enjoy

6 Outdoor Activities to Try in Calgary Before Summer's Over Geocaching Image2. Do Some Caving 

The Rat's Nest Cave is just short sprint out to Canmore and exploring this cave means you're more than guaranteed to feed your adventurous side. This kilometre-long tour includes several great sights, including: 

  • Fossils dating back hundreds of thousands of years
  • Calcite formations of many sizes
  • Beautiful clear pools of fresh water

Even though this tour requires participants to be in good physical condition and able to rappel down ropes, it is more than worth your time. You can also take advantage of a tour option that's rappel-free. 

3. Try Kayaking 

One thing that impresses people about kayaking is it's a relatively easy activity to learn. The University of Calgary Outdoor Centre offers lessons to help you get used to kayaking in a relaxed indoor environment. You can also rent kayaks to use. 

The Glenmore Reservoir is easily accessible once you've had a chance to hone your skills. Even though it takes a bit of practice to perfect the techniques many kayakers do in a whitewater setting (like rolling), you'll find sea and lake kayaking every bit as enjoyable. Because of the ease of use, you can easily include the whole family in your outing. 

6 Outdoor Activities to Try in Calgary Before Summer's Over Children Zorbing Image4. Give Zorbing a Chance 

Zorbing is an outdoor activity that first came to attention when zorbing balls were used during the closing ceremonies at the Vancouver Olympics. This exciting activity is offered at Canada's only course of its kind at Canada Olympic Park. Kids ages six and up are welcome to join in the fun as long as they meet the height requirements. 

These balls measure 3.3 meters wide and zoom down a 600-meter course that's sure to give you a quick thrill. Although the ride only takes 30 seconds, the balls are filled with shock absorbers that add an even greater effect. These balls provide a thrill ride every bit as exciting as being on a roller coaster. 

5. Sail the Skies on a Paraglider 

Even though many people find heights a little off-putting, paragliding offers a unique look at the local terrain. You might even end up enjoying the view so much that you forget just how high up you are! 

The terrain around Calgary makes the city an ideal playground for paragliders. The best thing is that the lessons you can take will help ensure you're entirely within your comfort zone. You'll be well-grounded in the safety techniques you need to know for a successful flight. 

6. Take a Scenic Hike 

One of the greatest things about living in Calgary is easy access to the Rocky Mountains. Grotto Canyon is one hiking area a relatively short drive from most neighbourhoods. The trail here offers an approximately 90-minute hike, complete with a valley featuring hoodoos, a waterfall, and petroglyphs. 

The Larch Valley Trail is somewhat more strenuous, but quite rewarding if you choose to go all the way through. Should you decide to continue up to Sentinel Pass, you'll have great views of some of the most beautiful glacial lakes in the area. No matter what type of hiking experience you're seeking, you'll find something that fits the bill very easily. 

Even though the final days of summer may creeping up on us, there's still plenty of time to get out and enjoy it! 

What summer activities do you recommend? Let us know in the comments below!Click here to subscribe to our Home & Lifestyle newsletter!Photo credit: lake mountains, geocache, children zorbing

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