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The Building Process With NuVista Homes

Posted on Jul 29, 2015 by Earl Raatz

A guide to building a home with NuVista.

If you’ve never built a brand new home before, you probably have some questions about the building process with NuVista Homes. We understand that a home is a huge purchase—probably the biggest one you’ll make in your life—and we are here to answer any and all questions you might have.

It all starts with choosing the right floor plan and community. Once you know which of our great communities you want to live in, you can select the floor plan that best fits both your needs and budget. We will walk you through the floor plans and lots available in your chosen community.

When you’ve decided on your floor plan and lot, you can make your offer. This can be done through your Realtor or through a NuVista sales associate. When your offer is accepted and your mortgage is approved through your lending institution, the building process begins.

Building Process Steps:

  1. Selection of exterior colours
  2. Waiver of conditions on your purchase
  3. Signing of blue prints and plot plan at home review. Selection of cabinets and appliances
  4. Building permit
  5. Survey/ staking
  6. Excavation of hole of foundation
  7. Interior selections
  8. Foundation is poured
  9. House is back filled
  10. Framing begins
  11. The electrical, plumbing, and mechanical walk through with site supervisor
  12. Insulation, drywall, roofing, and exterior finishes are completed
  13. You will receive a letter confirming your possession date
  14. Walls are painted, flooring and cabinets are installed
  15. Finishing touches
  16. Pre-occupancy inspection with representative
  17. Moving day! You receive the keys to your new home.

Throughout the building process, you are an important part of the team constructing your new home. Communication is key, and we invite you to always contact us with any questions or concerns you have while building your home.

We work together with our clients to build quality homes that can both bring value and be enjoyed for a lifetime.

If you have any further questions about building a new home with NuVista or would like a more in-depth description of each step of the building process, please stop by one of our sales centers for more information!

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