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Classic Design Ideas That Never Go Out of Style: Guest Rooms

Posted by Earl Raatz on Nov 28, 2017

When thinking of the rooms in your new home, you may picture a lovely guest room. Creating a guest room with classic elements ensures it will always be a pleasant place for friends to stay. 

Consider a few features to include in the design of a timeless guest room. 

A Look At Your Home Elevation Options

Posted by Earl Raatz on Nov 23, 2017

When you start shopping for a new house, you're going to encounter a lot of industry-specific terms that can be quite confusing. For example, builders refer to a house having an "exterior elevation," which sounds like it refers to how tall it is or high the roof might be, but this term actually means something different.

Room by Room Colour Scheme Trends

Posted by Earl Raatz on Nov 21, 2017

Attractive colour schemes in all the rooms of a new home can make them more inviting for family members and visitors. Also, creating a colour scheme for your home’s kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living room can raise the overall appeal of your residence. Take a look at some colour scheme ideas for these rooms.

The Must-Know Facts About Mortgage Refinancing

Posted by Earl Raatz on Nov 16, 2017

A mortgage is one of the largest expenses for the vast majority of people who own homes. With the booming housing market in Canada, buying a house is a great investment. Most people want to lower their payment in any way possible. 

A mortgage refinance is a great way to save money or pay off a loan early.

5 Interesting Ways to Decorate Around Your Television

Posted by Earl Raatz on Nov 14, 2017

Despite all the smart home trends you can include in your new home build these days, the most common gadget to still appear in most contemporary homes is the television (TV). 

The room where you have your TV, whether it's a great room, den, or open living area, is a spot where you're likely to spend a lot of time and want it to look good. 

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