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How to Host a Memorable Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted by Earl Raatz on Sep 28, 2017

When it comes to hosting Thanksgiving dinner, do you stick with tradition or do you enjoy a more modern celebration? 

Either way, there are plenty of things you can do to host a memorable Thanksgiving dinner this year. Start by prepping your home with fall décor and get the whole family to help clean up ; then, the real fun can begin. 

Here are some creative ideas your family and friends will gobble right up!

Brand New Show Homes Opening in Redstone!

Posted by Earl Raatz on Sep 26, 2017

Two new homes are being shown in Redstone, one of Calgary's most beautiful and vibrant communities. If you've been dreaming of arched doorways, sparkling countertops and covered front porches, consider both the NuHaven II and the Banbury II for your next property purchase.

What is Homeowners Insurance and How Does it Work?

Posted by Earl Raatz on Sep 21, 2017

Sooner or later during the process of buying a new home, you'll have to give some consideration to homeowner's insurance if you intend to finance, and the sooner you understand what it is the better. 

Let's look at the basics of homeowner's insurance – specifically what it is and what types of damages it covers – to give you a heads-up on this important aspect of buying a new property.

Light Up Your Life: Choosing Lighting in Your Home

Posted by Earl Raatz on Sep 19, 2017

Lighting is one of the key elements to make your house a cozy place to spend time with your family. 

The right kind of lighting for each room makes a world of difference in the enjoyment of your home. Each room has its own special needs, and there are so many wonderful choices when it comes to lighting. 

Overhead lighting, lamps, recessed lighting, spot lighting, and more can have a place in your home. Here are some tips for creating the right mood in each room of your home with lighting.

Model Feature: The Georgia

Posted by Earl Raatz on Sep 14, 2017


The Georgia is a Craftsman-style home with a wealth of architectural detail, beautifully and solidly constructed. The open floor plan makes the most of every square foot, and not a bit of space is wasted in this elegant design. The house is elevated from garage level, and the nine-foot walls add to the open feeling inside.

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