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8 Spring Home Decor Trends for 2019

Posted on Apr 18, 2019 by Earl Raatz

8 Spring Home Decor Trends for 2019 Featured ImageThe change of seasons from winter to spring can bring on a sense of renewal. Flowers are coming up, trees are blooming, and animals are emerging from their winter homes. Redecorating your whole house or a few rooms can help you feel renewed for spring. Take a look at several decorating trends that are picking up steam for the springtime.

  1. Matching Patterns and Colours
  2. Display Your Shelves
  3. Tropical Houseplants
  4. Scallop Shapes Throughout the Décor
  5. Vibrant Green
  6. Bring the Springtime Indoors
  7. Peel and Stick Tile
  8. Natural, Unfinished Wood Furnishings

1. Matching Patterns and Colours

Choose a few patterns you like and use them throughout a room. An easy way to bring this trend to life is to start by getting an area rug with a design featuring an appealing pattern.

One idea for a great room is to find an area rug with a large diamond pattern. Next, get a few throw pillows and an ottoman featuring the same diamond pattern. You can subtly echo any pattern throughout a room using artwork, picture frames and more.

Another idea for bringing visual harmony to a room is to use the same pattern in different colours. If you’d like to see a filigree pattern throughout your dining room, put up wallpaper in a gold filigree design. Add in a tablecloth in a soft grey and white with a filigree pattern.

2. Display Your Shelves

This home décor trend for spring of 2019 is easy to implement. Furthermore, you can try it in almost any room in your home. In a bedroom, instead of putting your books into a bookcase in the corner, install some open shelves on one wall. Organize your books in a colourful, appealing way.

In the kitchen, install some small shelves to display framed recipes, photos, fancy spice bottles or vintage tea cups. The items on your kitchen shelves can help you express your love of food, cooking or both.

8 Spring Home Decor Trends for 2019 Plants Image3. Tropical Houseplants

One of the best things about this spring décor trend is that tropical plants change throughout their life, adding interest to the décor. Easy to care for tropical plants such as dieffenbachia, peace lilies, dracaenas and philodendrons, add lovely shades of green to the décor of a bedroom, great room, dining room, kitchen or all of the above!

You can take this spring décor trend even further by putting your tropical plant in an attractive ceramic or painted terracotta pot. Make sure any pot you choose has a hole in the bottom for drainage.

4. Scallop Shapes Throughout the Décor

Scallop shapes are going to be big this spring. There are dozens of ways to incorporate this shape into a room. One idea is to get a set of chairs for the dining room table with backs featuring a scalloped top edge.

Other creative ideas:

  • An accent chair in a master bedroom with a scalloped design
  • A sofa in the great room with a scalloped back
  • A mirror with a scalloped frame in the bathroom

8 Spring Home Decor Trends for 2019 Green Sofa Image5. Vibrant Green

A vibrant shade of green is going to be big this spring. This is one of those trends that allows you to let your imagination run wild. Consider putting a loveseat with a vibrant green cushion in the foyer. Vibrant green curtains in the dining room along with a matching tablecloth would make the space even more inviting.

If you’d prefer to add some more subtle touches of vibrant green to your décor, think about getting chairs with green cushions for your breakfast bar. A bedspread, a small rug, a flower pot and even cloth napkins can all display this appealing colour for you.

8 Spring Home Decor Trends for 2019 Flowers Image6. Bring the Springtime Indoors

When you think of springtime, what leaps to mind? Many people immediately think of flowers. So, why not bring this element of spring into your home’s décor? One way to do this is to put up wallpaper featuring a field of tulips, daffodils or pansies.

Vases of flowers are also great for bringing this trend into your home. Get a decorative vase for every room and fill them with real or silk flowers. This item of décor works even better if you select flowers in a colour that flows with the other colours in the room.

7. Peel and Stick Tile

Peel and stick tile has a way of dressing up a kitchen along with various other rooms without breaking the budget. This spring, jazz up the area behind your kitchen sink with peel and stick backsplash tile in pale blue or green. It’s easy to apply and looks just like the real thing.

If you have a wall in your mudroom or laundry room in need of a bit of colour, you can find peel and stick tile in a variety of colours and patterns.

8. Natural, Unfinished Wood Furnishings

Natural, unfinished wood is making a comeback in the spring of 2019. Consider a couple of end tables made of natural wood for your great room. Also, this would be great material for breakfast bar stools in the kitchen.

More ideas for natural, unfinished wood furnishings:

  • An easel for the kids’ playroom
  • A ladder serving as a plant stand in the great room
  • A writing table in the guest room

These are just eight of the many décor trends to try in your brand-new Calgary home this season. Sometimes just a few changes can be enough to make your home’s decor feel like a celebration of springtime!

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