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9 Tips for Keeping an Organized Living Room

Posted on Jun 07, 2018 by Earl Raatz

Tips for Keeping an Organized Living Room Bandbury Featured ImageMost living rooms are popular places within a household. With so many family members spending time in this room, it doesn’t take long for it to become cluttered and disorganized. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to organize and declutter your living room. The following easy suggestions could be the solution you've been looking for!

Catch the Clutter at The Door

tips-keeping-organized-living-room-closet-imageTeenagers and young children are notorious for keeping their sneakers and jackets on when they enter the home, only to throw them off as they flop onto the living room couch. You can solve this problem by getting a built-in bench in the foyer. Or perhaps you want your new home to have a full mudroom, with personal lockers for each family member. This way, everyone walks straight into accessible storage space – no more excuses!

Get a Container for Your Remotes

Does your family have a collection of remotes for the television, DVD player, and cable box? If so, these remotes can add to the cluttered look of a living room. One solution is to purchase a decorative wooden box that adds to the appearance of your living room while serving as storage for all your remotes.

Another option for storing your remotes is a storage caddy made of fabric to hang over the side of an easy chair or your sofa. A colourful storage caddy featuring an interesting pattern can be a fun and practical piece of décor.

A Functional Coffee Table

If you have young children, you know their toys can end up all over the floor of a living room. Stuffed animals, plastic musical instruments, and squeaky toys strewn over the carpet are easy to step on or trip over. Find a coffee table in a trunk design, so you have a place to tuck all of your kid’s toys when they aren’t being used. You might even consider revamping an old piece of furniture, like an antique chest, to create a unique and useful table. 

Take Out Unnecessary Pieces of Furniture

The right furniture for your living room can make all the difference. Look around your living room. Do you have unnecessary pieces of furniture such as an extra ottoman that’s never used or a chair sitting empty in one corner? If so, remove those items to make your living room less cluttered.

Hang the Television Set

If your television is on a table in your living room, you may want to consider mounting the television on a wall. This allows you to put a couple items on the table previously occupied by your TV and makes the area look neater. Plus, you have the opportunity to decorate around your television.

Get a Power Strip for Your Cords

Maybe you have a computer, printer, and extra monitor in one area of your living room. Consequently, you have electrical cords stretching toward every available outlet. To make your cords look more organized, get a power strip so you can neatly plug your items into one outlet.

A further tip to remember when looking for a power strip is to get a white one. Getting a white power strip means it will be less obvious when tucked near a wall or behind a desk. They are also available in beige, off-white and other light colours.

Tips for Keeping an Organized Living Room Bandbury ImageClear Unnecessary Items Off Tabletops

A collection of framed photos on a table is a familiar sight in many living rooms. But, they can make a tabletop look cluttered. As an alternative, hang the photos on a wall in an interesting arrangement. 

Evaluate the knickknacks, candles, and other items you have on the tabletops around your living room. Can anything be removed and put elsewhere or given away? Sometimes taking just two or three items off a tabletop can make it look a lot more appealing. 

Create a New Display for Framed Photos

Maybe you prefer to display your framed photos on tabletops instead of on the wall. A home design with an open kitchen means you can display some framed photos on your kitchen counters or even on the kitchen island if you want. 

Another option is to make a collage out of a gathering of smaller photos. You could put this collage of photos into one large frame to free up more space on the wall and lend to your efforts to declutter your living room area.

Get a DVD Cabinet with Doors

If you have dozens of DVDs arranged on bookshelves or stacked on the floor, they can make your living room look disorganized. Get a DVD cabinet with doors so you can arrange your movies inside it and close the doors to keep them out of sight. If you keep your DVDs in neat order, you can opt for a cabinet with glass doors so you can find the one you want to choose right away.

When your living room is organized it instantly improves the atmosphere. Having more open space to move around and spread out can establish a more pleasant tone overall. 

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