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8 Winter Home Decor Additions for a Cozier Home

Posted on Dec 13, 2016 by Earl Raatz

winter-home-decor-additions-cozier-home-family-by-fireplace-featured-image.pngThe cold days of winter can seem long and dreary, but wintertime is also a wonderful opportunity to decorate your home as a cozy and inviting sanctuary from cold Calgary winters. The warm glow of a flame, elegant decorations and delicious food with family and friends makes winter a wonderful time of the year to create memories and enjoy the company of those you love.

1. Fireplaces and Candlelight

The opportunity to gather around a fire is a reason enough to look forward to winter and the many ideas for entertaining your guests and family members. A crackling fire on your hearth creates a natural gathering place for friendly conversation, family games or a delicious meal. Candles enhance any room with a soft light and can be grouped together for a dramatic effect or be placed individually around your home for a decorative glow.

2. Cozy Pillows, Vibrant Colours

Cuddling up with a warm drink and a good book is one of the best activities of winter, and the availability of comfortable pillows and soft throws makes any area of your home a wonderful place for you to relax. You’ll feel drawn to an overstuffed chair or a window seat when you have beautiful pillows and blankets surrounding you. Choose a few throw pillows in colourful patterns and styles, such as a rich red or deep gold; they will add a festive look to any room and create a cozy feeling of warmth and style to your home.

3. Your Kitchen: The Heart of Your Home

Delicious smells coming from the kitchen are the crowning touch for your home which is beautifully decorated for the winter season. Adding colourful touches to the kitchen, such as vibrant towels, chair covers or window treatments will give this room a dash of festivity and a cheerful feeling on a dreary winter day. Adding a few colourful homemade Christmas wreaths will certainly add some festive cheer as well.

winter-home-decor-additions-cozier-home-glencove-showhome-master-bedroom-image.png4. Luxurious, Comfortable Bedrooms

Cozy up your bedrooms for winter by including colourful pillows and bedding that is both practical and inviting. The addition of plush throw rugs will keep your toes warm, especially on tile or wooden floors. The combination of texture and colour provides the bed with a welcoming look that makes it a cozy sanctuary during a cold winter night. You and your family will be snug under the covers while the wind and snow whips outdoors.

If you aren't sure on what the best pillow for you is, check out this awesome article on how to choose a pillow to help you out!

5. White and Silver Accents

Although rich, deep colours are a beautiful look for winter, the use of white and silver decor items can brighten your home and add the sparkle that mirrors the snowy season. Mirrors, glass, flowers and white linens will look beautiful on your dining room table or can be used to brighten a dark corner in any room.

6. Winter Window Treatments

Dressing your windows is another way to add some festive cheer to your home. Thick curtains, blinds or shades to keep cold out, and beautiful colours, textures, and patterns create a stylish and high-end look. Heavy, warm window treatments can be easily removed in the summer, or they can be replaced with lighter window treatments that reflect the various seasons and temperatures.

7. Fragrances to Delight Your Senses

The smell of the kitchen and a wood-fuelled fire are a delightful part of the winter season, and adding additional fragrances or natural scents to your home will provide an extra dose of winter joy. Essential oils or potpourri include wintery scents such as pine, vanilla or cinnamon, and they can be used throughout your home to create an inviting environment for your family and guests. Make your own scented candles for a great smelling home and an easy gift idea.

8. Bring the Look of Nature Indoors

When snow covers the landscape, bring pieces of nature indoors with cuttings of evergreen branches and other long-lasting foliage. Pinecones and bare twigs add a look of simplicity and texture that can be accented with small lights. As an arrangement for your dining room table or a festive centrepiece for your mantel, natural plant material can add colour, texture and natural beauty to your home.

Winter decor can be added to your home in many simple ways, and it’s sure to help you feel joy and warmth while making special memories with friends and family. Although freezing temperatures and snow dominate our Calgary winters, you can make the most of the season by creating a beautifully decorated environment inside your home.

Orginally posted Dec 13, 2016, updated Nov 30, 2017.

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