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Classic Design Ideas That Never Go Out of Style: Guest Rooms

Posted on Nov 28, 2017 by Earl Raatz

Classic Design Ideas That Never Go Out of Style Guest Rooms Featured ImageWhen thinking of the rooms in your new home, you may picture a lovely guest room. Creating a guest room with classic elements ensures it will always be a pleasant place for friends to stay. 

Consider a few features to include in the design of a timeless guest room. 

A Bathroom and a Dressing Room 

Of course, a classically-designed bathroom must be included in the design of your guest room. A bathtub and shower combination would appeal to many houseguests. A pedestal sink with gleaming silver faucets is a timeless feature in a guest bathroom.

A dressing room just outside the bathroom is a classic touch to add to the design. Be sure to include a spacious countertop, mirror, and sink. This allows one member of a couple to enjoy privacy in the bathroom while the other person washes their hands, brushes their teeth, or applies makeup in the dressing room.

Let in the Natural Light

Lots of natural light lends an airy atmosphere to a guest room. If there’s a patio outside the room, consider incorporating French doors into the design. Installing a picture window or a skylight are other effective ways to let in plenty of sunlight.

You'll still need some artificial lighting, too, for when the sun refuses to shine. Make sure you choose the right lighting for your guests' needs; bright overhead lighting is a necessity, while softer lighting in the form of bedside lamps is ideal for cozy evenings. 

Classic Design Ideas That Never Go Out of Style Bedroom ImageA Well-Placed Bed

A queen sized bed is a great investment for a guest room. A comfortable bed can help your guests relax in unfamiliar surroundings. Place the bed in an area of the room where your guests can enjoy the morning sunlight filtering in through the windows or skylight.

Walls in White or a Neutral Colour

Paint the walls of your guest room white, beige, tan, or another neutral colour. This serves as an excellent background for any colours you want to add to the décor. Plus, white and beige will reflect the sunlight coming into the room enhancing its inviting tone to really nail the neutral look.

Bright Touches of Décor 

Establishing a colour scheme makes it easy to add the right items to the décor of your guest room. For example, a colour scheme of blues means you can include different shades of blue in the bedspread, curtains, throw pillows, pillow shams, and even the artwork on the walls. Ideally, you want splashes of your chosen colour spread throughout the space.

A Unique Desk and Chair

If your guests would like to spend some time in their room, you want them to have a place to set up a laptop, lay down a book, or talk on the phone. Add a uniquely designed desk and chair to the space. You might even decide to revamp old furniture to make practical use of pieces you might have otherwise thrown away. Set up the desk near a window to give your guests an appealing view. 

Classic Design Ideas That Never Go Out of Style Guestroom ImageA Dresser in a Traditional Style

Most guests staying at a friend’s home for a weekend or more don’t want to keep their clothing and other items in a suitcase. So, put an attractive dresser into your guest room. Choose one with several drawers so your guests have plenty of space for their items.

Decorative Artwork with a Twist

Hang artwork in your guest room that says something about your home or family. For instance, if you have a golden retriever, put up a framed sketch or watercolour of the dog. Or, if there's a beautiful oak tree in your front yard you’re especially proud of, put up a black and white photo of the tree. Other ideas for artwork include:

  • Using frames made of different materials and featuring different colours.
  • Use a matte in each frame highlighting your colour theme.
  • Change your artwork every time a new guest stays in the room to keep the space fresh.

A Spacious Closet

Your dresser can accommodate your guest’s socks, underwear, and tees. But, your guest room should have a closet available for any garments that must be hung up. Think about an extra wide closet so your guests can hang up their clothes in separate sections. 

An Area Rug 

An area rug provides warm, soft flooring for your guests when they take off their shoes for the night. Choosing an awesome area rug can add that extra bit of interest to the space, such as one with a border of fringe. Make sure the colours in your area rug adhere to the room's colour theme.

Setting up a guest room in a classic design can save you from feeling the need to redo the room with every new style trend. You've worked hard to get the home of your dreams, so make a point of creating a space that allows it to be shared with (and admired by) your loved ones.

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