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Classic Home Design Ideas that Never Go Out of Style: Kitchens

Posted on Aug 23, 2016 by Earl Raatz

classic-home-design-ideas-kitchen-nuhaven-ii.pngThe kitchen is the heart of your home and reflects your personal style. As a memory-making gathering place for friends and families, today’s open kitchens are larger and more centrally located in our homes than ever before. Although kitchen design has evolved over the years, there are many classic features that remain the same due to their timeless looks and practicality.

Vibrant Lighting

Although natural light is an important aspect in your kitchen, dark winter nights and cloudy days require ambient and task lighting. A kitchen design that offers skylights and windows over the task areas such as the stove and sink will be naturally lit during the day.

Under-cabinet lighting paired with a chandelier or task lighting over tables and islands will make your kitchen bright and cheerful even on the darkest days.

Comfortable Seating

An eat-in kitchen space provides comfortable seating for your guests, a location for your kids to do their homework and a convenient area for serving quick, casual meals. A breakfast nook or breakfast bar is a comfortable space for family or friends, and a few chairs or stools require very little space but serve a practical purpose. Seating along the kitchen island is a popular choice, and in an open concept kitchen, your family room is just a few steps away. 

Deep Sinks

Although the modern concept of the double sink led to the popularity of shallow, narrow sinks in the kitchen, contemporary trends go back to deep porcelain or cast-iron farm sinks. They hold plenty of space for filling large pots, washing your dishes and preparing produce.

For a focal point in the kitchen, a luxurious farm sink is ideal. If you're looking for a contemporary alternative, undermount sinks provide practical function in your gourmet kitchen.

Ample, Innovative Storage Space

Although modern kitchen styles have moved towards open shelving, a lot of storage space is lost when deep cupboard spaces are eliminated. Whether you prefer cabinets, drawers or shelves, be sure to choose a kitchen design offering ample storage space for your needs.

Checkerboard Flooring

If you want a classic kitchen design, checkerboard flooring has a vintage look that’s both charming and sophisticated. Black and white is the traditional style, but you can choose any colour, or pick from natural or vivid colours in durable ceramic or porcelain tile.

Pairing the checkerboard pattern with other elements of decor can retain the vintage look or give it a more contemporary style; for example, neutral shades will give your kitchen classic flair with a modern twist.

classic-home-design-ideas-kitchen-saxony.pngTile Backsplash Designs

The tile backsplash is a decorative and durable way to add an elegant look and waterproofing to the back wall of your countertops. Although ceramic subway tile is a traditional pattern, you can pair many different types of backsplash materials with natural stone countertops. Examples of beautiful materials for backsplash design include glass, marble, ceramic, porcelain and natural stone.

Incorporating ornate mosaic designs into your decor gives your backsplash a customized, high-end look, and large tile installations above the cookstove can be especially beautiful. You can expect many years of durable use from your tile backsplash, and it will create a beautiful focal point in any kitchen layout you choose.

Lots Of Counter Space

One of the many joys of a new home is a large kitchen. Despite traditional styling, the cramped kitchens of the past have no place in your contemporary world. Food preparation, small appliances, and an eat-in dining space require lots of counter space, especially in a busy family home.

A large, durable countertop is an essential item in your kitchen. Islands replace the butcher block tables of the past, and practical surfaces such as granite and quartz provide you with sophisticated style and function. Marble countertops provide a timeless look, although they do require more care and maintenance than other types of countertop materials. 

Light Coloured Cabinetry

Neutral colours are on trend for contemporary kitchen design, and white, cream and grey top the list of desirable colours for kitchen cabinetry. Paired with dark natural stone countertops, this colour combination blends the best elements of a traditional look with modern style. The pastel kitchens of the past feel fresh when you choose light colours to reflect modern taste in your kitchen decor.

Elegant Architectural Details

Traditional architectural details such as corbels, crown moulding, bead board panelling and furniture legs provide a classic look to the most updated, contemporary kitchen. If you love modern conveniences but long for a traditional decor, wood mouldings and architectural details will give you the nostalgic feel you long for. Cabinets with classic door styles will enhance the traditional look you wish to achieve.

The classic style of your kitchen will give it a comfortable, warm feeling with traditional elements of design. Don’t hesitate to mix modern furniture or art into your classic kitchen, as the blend of traditional elements and contemporary trends creates a personalized and eclectic look.

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