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Community Spotlight: Inner City

Posted on Jan 05, 2017 by Earl Raatz

community-spotlight-inner-city-calgary-skyline-featured-image.pngCalgary’s inner city area includes the downtown region and its adjoining communities. Defined by the Sarcee Trail on the west, the Glenmore Reservoir to the south, Deerfoot Trail to the east, and 32 Avenue to the north, the inner city is part of Calgary's historic core and loosely represents the city limits as they existed before 1961.

Recently, due to infill development in Calgarymany of these communities have experienced a Renaissance. Inner city Calgary neighbourhoods offer a unique urban lifestyle to residents with a range of interests. Those who choose to live in the heart of Calgary enjoy being surrounded by all the metropolis has to offer.

In fact, there are more than 70 Calgary inner city communities to choose from. The various neighbourhoods offer a diverse range of amenities and an incredible opportunity for those who value walkability, great entertainment, fantastic shopping, and great schools. From Mount Pleasant, Bridgeland and Marda Loop to Inglewood and Briar Hill, inner city Calgary has it all.



Location and access to the downtown core are one of the multitudes of reasons why many choose to call these neighbourhoods home. Well serviced by Calgary's public transportation system and boasting excellent walkability, many of the inner city's residents choose to park their cars and either walk or use public transit to get from place to place.


Inner city schools attract many residents to the area as they are generally located a very close distance from home. Most inner city communities have designated schools and every student has a variety of options available. Regardless, residents can apply to attend nearly any school in the area, even those not designated based on address. For those out-of-boundary students, it's the school's principal who determines whether or not they have the capacity to accept the child.

Recreational Facilities

Inner city Calgary boasts numerous recreational facilities serving the needs of residents of all ages and abilities. From swimming to skating, the inner city provides many more recreational opportunities than can be easily catalogued.

One of the most popular recreational facilities is the expansive Repsol Sport Centre. With flexible hours of operation and more than 25,000 square feet of space, the Repsol Sport Centre is centrally located near the popular riverside walk.

Shopping And Entertainment

Living in Calgary's inner city gives access to the city's most popular arts, shopping, and entertainment venues. Those who live in these areas can easily catch a show at the Arts Commons in the heart of downtown or enjoy the vibrant 4th Street shopping district with its hip boutiques, restaurants, and coffee shops. Additionally, those who are looking for great nightlife should look no further than the areas of 17th Avenue, Inglewood, Kensington, and Mission.

community-spotlight-inner-city-calgary-pathway-system-image.pngParks And Playgrounds

Calgary’s trail and pathway network is one of the most extensive in North America. It's also home to the largest urban park in Canada. The immense Fish Creek Park is the largest urban park on the continent and boasts hiking, biking, ponds, creeks, and much more. The seemingly endless park goes on for miles and is easily accessible through the inner city’s network of trails. In fact, the inner city area is one of the largest contributors to Calgary’s impressive network of parks, pathways, and playgrounds overall.

Why Living In The Inner City Is A Great Choice

Calgary’s inner city offers its residents an enviable lifestyle. In fact, this is one of the reasons why these neighbourhoods are growing at such a rapid pace. The area features a low crime rate, a diverse range of cultural activities, growing economic opportunities, and great schools.

Residents absolutely love living in the area infused with an electric energy and idyllic neighbourhoods. These communities offer up everything wonderful about the vibrant city, including arts, entertainment, shopping, and lovely walkable neighbourhoods. It's common to see children riding bikes, couples walking with their friends, and joggers circling the block for a stroll. On the weekends, residents enjoy shopping trips to organic fruit, vegetable, and meat markets all within walking distance of their own homes.

By choosing to live in the inner city, residents are making a choice to experience life in the heart of Calgary. You too can experience everything that these neighbourhoods have to offer. Set your sights on inner city homes available now and discover the city in a new light.

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Photo credit: calgary skyline, people using calgary's pathway system

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