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8 Design Tips for More Functionality at Home

Posted on Jun 07, 2016 by Earl Raatz

design-tips-home-funtionality-storage-spaces.pngMost people want to enhance the functionality of their home and make it easier to spend time in. There are a number of products and features that are available to create a space that is easy to work and play in. Those who want to maintain functionality at home, make chores easier, and also increase its appeal can follow a few design tips that will prove to be effective.

1. Create an Office Nook

Because many people can find it difficult to pay their bills or manage their paperwork without an office, its important to keep in mind when considering a new home. If you do not want to dedicate an entire room as an office in your design,  you can still plan for an office nook ahead of time. 

Place a desk under a window in a bedroom or guest room to open up the space and prevent it from feeling cramped. You can also install shelves nearby to store office accessories and tools.

The office nook can also be created in the master bedroom or in a guest room for added privacy that feels more secluded than other areas of the home. Consider installing artwork or pictures above the desk to allow it to feel more like an office nook.

2. Maximize Vertical Wall Space

Although the walls in a home are often used to decorate the interior setting, they can also add to the functionality on the property. Take advantage of unused walls, which can free up space throughout the home where personal belongings are stored.

Consider incorporating a built-in bench or armoire in an entryway where heavy rain jackets and hats can be stored during the winter season. Vertical wall space can also be used to hold spices in kitchens with shelves that are installed.

This will make it easier to keep the cabinets organized and less cluttered.

3. Purchase Furniture with Storage Options

Instead of purchasing a typical coffee table for the living room or a plain console table for the entryway of your home, consider using furniture that has extra storage options. An antique trunk can double as a coffee table and as a place to store board games, books, or photo albums. This can free up extra space on the shelves and avoid keeping the items out in plain sight for a tidier environment that looks less cluttered.

design-tips-home-funtionality-shelving.png4. Install Floating Shelves

Shelves that are installed without cabinets are increasing in popularity in kitchens and bathrooms for the light and airy ambiance they create. Instead of using bulky cabinets that hide dishes and cooking supplies, more people are resorting to using shelves that display bowls, plates, and succulents in the kitchen. This creates an eclectic style that is less uniform and bare.

Although open shelving increases the risk of having a kitchen that looks cluttered with items that sit out in the open, you can keep your dishes looking organized and tidy by adding contact paper or fabric on each shelf. This will prevent the items from sliding to ensure that the contents stay put.

5. Incorporate an Upper Floor Laundry Room

Upper floor laundry rooms make it easier to transport clothing to and from bedrooms and closets in the home without losing items along the way. This can make it easy to avoid carrying large loads up and down the stairs and can add efficiency to everyday chores. The laundry can be completed in a shorter period of time and with less energy required.

6. Avoid Using Too Many Storage Bins

Many people assume that they can keep their home organized and decorated by using a number of different storage bins in the bedrooms or in children's playrooms. Unfortunately, too many bins can can detract from the style of the room and create a cluttered look that is less appealing.

Instead, opt for placing shoes in dresser drawers or using a salad bowl to hold small tools in one of the kitchen cabinets. Use what you already have instead of attempting to decorate your home with storage bins that simply hide junk that is present. If you choose to use a few storage bins in a cabinet or closet, label each box to ensure that you know where everything is meant to be placed.

7. Group Similar Items

When decorating your bookshelves or a built-in unit, consider grouping like items that are similar in style or design. This will allow the features to appear intentional and less cluttered with vases or antique items that are on display. Grouping similar pieces together will offer more aesthetic appeal and will create added flow with all of the items that are put out on display. It's also important to avoid using too many family photos or framed artwork, which can make the space look overwhelming and difficult to view.

8. Use Built-in Bathroom Shelves

Built-in linen shelves in main bathrooms of the home can make it easy to stay more organized with towels or washcloths that are needed when bathing. This can make the items within reach and easy to find for guests without relying on hallway closets.

When designing your home, it's important to consider different features that can contribute to the functionality of the space and will also look appealing. By using various design elements that are both attractive and functional, you can enjoy an efficient home that is more specific to your lifestyle needs. You'll enjoy the high level of comfort and the ease of use of each room that is available on the property.

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