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5 Eggcelent Easter DIY Decorations

Posted on Mar 22, 2018 by Earl Raatz

5 Eggcelent Easter DIY Decorations Kids Featured ImageAfter a cold Calgary winter, it's not hard to see why spring is many peoples' favourite time of year. With Easter being one of the most festive, colourful holidays of spring, there are a lot of fun DIY decorations that you might want to consider gracing your home with this year. They're fun, easy and make perfect at-home activities to spend time with your kids.

1. Flower and Eggs

To make this creation you will need: 

• A 7" Styrofoam egg

• Five or six sheets of 12 x 12" scrapbook paper in two colours

• Two packs of pearl pins in an appropriate colour

• Hydrangea-shaped flower punch

Most eggs of this size will take 199 pins, making punching out 398 flowers necessary. Stack two flowers together, then pin them to the egg. Repeat this step until you've managed to cover the whole egg. To have a way to attractively display your new masterpiece, find a cute candle stand that you could paint if you wish to suit your tastes. 

5 Eggcelent Easter DIY Decorations Burlap Image2. Vintage Easter Bunnies 

To make these cute burlap bunnies you'll need to have the following:

• Burlap material, easy to find at a fabric store in plain or colours/patterns

• Rice, dry beans, or other appropriate stuffing material

• Embroidery thread, yarn, or twine

Cut two layers of your burlap material into a rectangle shape measuring five to seven inches wide and 10-13 inches high. Make sure a V shape is cut out at the top to allow for ears. Sew straight stitches along three sides of the rectangle while leaving the top open.

Next, turn the bunny inside out and sew straight stitches up the sides of the ears. Fill up the bunnies with your dry beans or rice. To complete them, tie them closed with the twine or other closure material.

3. Welcome to The Bird House

wreath that looks like a nest is a simple yet unique take on door wreaths that only requires:

• A foam wreath form

• Grapevine wreaths in two sizes

• Foam eggs

• Paint, especially blue and brown

• Twine

Wrap the foam wreath form securely up in twine. Using a hot glue gun, glue the bigger of the two grapevine wreaths to one side. Then, glue the smaller wreath so it is resting on its sides inside the two bigger wreaths.

Paint the eggs (blue is a good colour choice, or you might wish to choose yellow or pink). Add some brown "speckles" for an authentic look. Glue them to the main wreath positioned inside the confines of the smaller grapevine wreath.

4. Crack the Piñata  

A piñata is a fun addition at any time and its unique style is a great way to create decorations, such as one shaped like an egg. Here's what you need:

• Several jumbo-size "blown-out" chicken eggs (empty shells)

• Confetti (which can also be made from party streamers)

• Floral crepe paper in pastel colours

• A box of toothpicks

• Crochet thread or baker's twine

Make sure you blow out the eggs before you start. Attach the twine to a toothpick, making sure you form a loop. Put the toothpick into a hole at the egg's top and secure with a small dab of hot glue.

5 Eggcelent Easter DIY Decorations Succulent ImageCut the crepe paper into 1/4" strips and glue on, alternating colours. Add some confetti or possibly glitter for some extra festivity. Pick out colours for your materials that freshen your home this spring! You'll want to consider making a bunch of these eggs because they're so much fun.

5. Succulent Centrepieces

Nothing helps celebrate the return of spring like live plants, so while you're waiting to get your garden off to a great start this spring, you can pick out lovely plants that thrive indoors. 

Succulent centrepieces are great for Easter but can also grace your windowsill all year long. The best thing about this option is that it requires almost no preparation. You simply need the cups, the plants, and a clear space in the centre of your table.

Select some egg cups in colours or with designs that nicely match the rest of your décor. Plant some of the succulents of your choice in the egg cups with enough soil to help them stay moist without overflowing. Guests at your table for Easter will enjoy the sight of your little plant collection.

As new life begins to bloom outside your window, follow suit and bring some vibrancy into your home with these crafty ideas you'll simply love looking at! They'll also be an especially nice touch to your décor if you're having guests for Easter dinner, or just to create a more enchanting space in which your kids can hunt for eggs. 

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