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9 Home Decor Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Posted on Sep 06, 2018 by Earl Raatz

9 Home Decor Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making Featured ImageDecorating your home is a fun, creative project. You get to choose the colours, designs and furniture you find most appealing. But, did you know there are some common decorating mistakes that can detract from the overall look of a room? Discover nine common decorating mistakes and find out what you can do to correct them. 

1. Making the Television the Focus of a Room

Arranging furniture items around your television makes it the focus of a room. So, when friends and family are gathered there they tend to stare at the television instead of paying attention to one another. The solution to this is to incorporate your television into the décor as opposed to making it the focus. 

One idea is to put the television on a table in one corner of the room. Put a couple of cozy chairs near the TV so if people want to watch, they can move over there. Another idea is to put accessories around your television such as vases of artificial flowers, houseplants or framed photos so the TV blends into the décor. For more ideas on how to decorate around your TV, take a look at our guide here.

9 Home Decor Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making Woman Picture Frame Image2. Lampshades of the Wrong Size 

Many people look at the colour and shape of a lampshade before making a decision to buy. This is how many people end up with a lampshade that’s too big or too small for the lamp it sits on. This instantly brings a lack of balance to the room’s décor. 

When buying a lampshade, choose one that will cover forty percent of the total length of the lamp. So, if your lamp is 36 inches tall, you need a lampshade about 14 inches tall. 


3. Displaying Too Many Framed Photos on Your Tables 

If you have lots of family members, friends and beloved pets, you may have a table covered edge to edge with framed photos. It’s great to have a lot of photos, but this sort of setup can begin to look cluttered. 

As a solution, set aside one wall as your photo gallery. Hang your framed photos at different heights and put a bit of space between them. This yields two benefits. It’s easier for you and your friends to admire your photos and you now have a table with lots of free space. 

9 Home Decor Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making Colourful Pillows Image4. A Bedroom Decorated in One Colour 

Decorating a bedroom in a single colour or different shades of a single colour is a common decorating mistake. Instead of using a single colour, give the bedroom some depth by incorporating complementary colours as well as some patterns. 

Here are some specific ways to give more depth to the décor: 

  • Add throw pillows with zigzags, dots and other patterns 
  • Put patterned wallpaper on one wall of the room 
  • Get a comforter for the bed made in a textured fabric 

5. Too Many Furniture Items in One Space 

Maybe you chose a love seat, sofa and cozy chair set for your study. You love all of these items, but they overwhelm the room. In short, the room seems crowded with furniture. Try taking one or two items out and leave your favourite in place. Pair a small table or ottoman with the item so the space has warmth and it’s a lot easier for you and others to move around. 

6. Hanging Weighty, Dark Curtains on the Windows 

Look at the windows in the rooms of your home. Do your curtains enhance the natural light or do they block it? Having dark curtains made in a weighty fabric is a common decorating mistake. 

As an alternative, get curtains in a lighter colour to complement other colours in the room. Or, double up by hanging curtains in a solid colour as well as white lace curtains on the same rod. So, when it’s sunny and you want to enhance the natural light, pull the lace curtains closed leaving the solid curtains at the outer edges of the rod. 

7. Hanging Your Pictures Too High 

You shouldn’t have to look up at a wall to admire framed prints, photos and other artwork. Hanging artwork too high on a wall is a common decorating mistake. Artwork of any kind should be at eye level. 

8. Choosing Uncomfortable Chairs for the Dining Room Table 

When you purchase a dining room table you’re likely to see a set of chairs meant to go with it. But, just because a dining room table is formal, doesn’t mean you have to go with uncomfortable wooden chairs. 

Parsons chairs are a good alternative to plain wooden chairs or ones with a thin piece of fabric on the seat. Parsons chairs are available with thick padding on the seat and upholstered in leather, velvet, linen and more. 

9. Putting Too Many Pillows on the Sofa 

Throw pillows are beautiful accessories for adding texture and interest to a living room sofa or love seat, but don’t fall into the trap of putting too many of them on a sofa. Instead, put two or three of your favourite throw pillows out. This way, people can snuggle with them or push them aside. 

Correcting these common decorating mistakes can really improve the look of a room. Take a second look at your rooms to determine whether a few tweaks are needed to make them the best they can be.Click here to subscribe to our Home & Lifestyle newsletter!

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