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How to Mix High and Low End Décor for Ravishing Results

Posted on Oct 17, 2017 by Earl Raatz

How To Mix High and Low End Décor for Ravishing Results Vase Featured ImageOne of the risks of high-end décor is oversaturation. When everything in the room is flashy and showy, it stops being impressive and starts being ostentatious. 

The key to a truly sophisticated look is to mix low- and high-end design elements in a way that complements both, so here are just a few suggestions for capturing this aesthetic in your own home.

Create A Colour Scheme

Although you love your four-year-old, you don't want your living room to look like something she scribbled on the wall with a box of crayons! Pick a colour scheme for your interior design and stick to it. Perfect paint pairings will not only give a room a neat, orderly appearance, a particular scheme will also help you blend economical items with their more luxurious cousins. An inexpensive wardrobe is less likely to stand out if it's the same neutral tone as your walls and floor.

how-to-mix-high-and-low-end-decor-shopping-image.pngSplurge on One Big Thing

Don't max out your credit card for every piece of furniture in the room. Instead, spend your money on one big showstopper and use everything else to emphasize it or prop it up. For example, if you want a gigantic leather loveseat that will curve around your entire den, go ahead and buy it; then visit the local flea market for pillows and rugs that will complement it. You'll save money but still showcase the focal point of the room.

Don't Mix Different Qualities

When mixing and matching items of different value, it's important not to have anything that can be directly compared to the cheaper pieces. For example, if your kitchen island has a gorgeous marble countertop, you don't want the perimeter countertops to be made of grungy laminate. You're just inviting people to look between the two and judge the latter.

Get Crafty

DIY is meant to look a little unpolished; it's part of its charm. Like handcrafted beads that contain deliberate bubbles and scratches, DIY work is actually elevated by its imperfections because it proves that, yes, you really made it! 

Use this phenomenon to your advantage by tossing a few handmade objects around your home as you decorate. You may even try some DIY projects to revamp old furniture. These personalized pieces will give a room a folksy look that justifies the existence of other low-end pieces.

Make Use of Symmetry

Symmetry is naturally pleasing to the eye, which is why it's an interior design trick that will improve any room. Even if you're decorating your living room with an affordable flair, try to arrange everything with precise lines and corners. This will give the room a polished, ordered look that will disguise the low-end nature of the bookshelves and armchairs. People won't notice the flaws; they'll just be impressed by the symmetry!

Know What Looks Extravagant

Gold will gleam even if it's a spray-painted gold you used to hide the stains on the old white vanity table. Mirrors will give the illusion of space even if your home is lacking in square footage. If your design looks luxurious enough, it doesn't usually matter if its origins are more functional than fashionable.

How To Mix High and Low End Décor for Ravishing Results Couch ImageDraw Attention With a Conversation Piece

It could be a piece of expensive artwork that dominates the main wall. It could be a roaring fireplace with red bricks and an ornately-painted screen. The specifics don't really matter when it comes to conversation pieces; the most important thing is they set the tone of the entire room. A few scuffed edges on the furniture won't be noticeable when the main impression of the space is large and luxurious.

Experiment With Your Lighting

There's a variety of ways to save when choosing lighting in your home [ link to NVHYYC-2017-09-19 Light Up Your Life: How to Choose Lighting in Your Home ]. You can find inexpensive lamps at department stores that will still look nice when paired with high-quality desks and coffee tables. You can also cut corners after a remodelling project by installing low-end bulbs in high-end spaces. For example, if you cut "domes" into your ceiling with the light peeking out of stylish spheres, no one will notice if the bulbs are discount ones.

Tie It All Together

Bring unity to your interior design by having the same patterns and textures throughout the room. For example, if the bathroom is filled with fuzzy towels and floor mats, the toilet cover should be equally as soft. This also works in reverse: don't try to force contrasting pieces to work together. If the wallpaper is decorated with flowers, the chairs shouldn't be patterned with stripes.

Blast to the Past

Vintage styles are very trendy in the world of home design, and fortunately for you, they're also budget-conscious. If you don't have a lot of money to spend on delicate luxe pieces, go for something older and tougher that's been around the block a few times. It will be a lot less expensive than contemporary pieces, and what's more, its flaws will be part of its appeal. Instead of looking cheap, it'll just look like it has character.

Find Discounts

If you're smart, you won't have to spend outrageous sums of money for big-name brands. Just figure out ways to save on whatever curtains, tiles, or backsplashes you've been eyeing. Shop for furniture when retailers are dropping prices on seasonal items; get your upholstery done when the local tailors are offering a sale. Email the contracting company and ask if they have any discounts available for first-time customers.

You don't need to spend a lot of money to enjoy a high-class home. As long as you have judicious taste and a willingness to mix cheap finds with luxury pieces, you should be able to create an interior design that showcases the best of both worlds. 

Happy decorating!

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