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5 Interesting Ways to Decorate Around Your Television

Posted on Nov 14, 2017 by Earl Raatz

Interesting Ways to Decorate Around Your Television Paintings Featured ImageDespite all the smart home trends you can include in your new home build these days, the most common gadget to still appear in most contemporary homes is the television (TV). 

The room where you have your TV, whether it's a great room, den, or open living area, is a spot where you're likely to spend a lot of time and want it to look good. 

Both smaller rooms where you need to use your space carefully and areas with a lot of blank wall space are good for focusing your attention using artwork. 

Using some creativity in decorating this area will enable you to create the perfect look that suits your tastes and your home.

Interesting Ways to Decorate Around Your Television Hidden Image

1. Arrange Art Symmetrically

If you have a lot of blank space around your TV, but don't want to fill that area with a lot of cabinets or shelving, symmetric art arrangements are a good choice. You can easily dress up this space without it becoming too much of a distraction from your favourite programming. The added art helps break up having a solid wall of only one colour. 

If you've chosen a floor plan that includes decorative moulding, symmetric art arrangements will complement your space very nicely without overwhelming your room's best features. Try to select art that features frame shapes which complement the moulding, to help naturally draw attention. Too much contrast in an area will be more likely to result in a negative reaction to your art choices.

2. Create a Gallery-Style Area

Do you enjoy displaying all your fun family photos in your living space or putting up prints that show off your more fun-loving side? If so, creating a gallery wall around the TV is a great way to dress up your space, so the entire focus isn't on the television itself, especially if you use shelves and a niche. Displaying your art at different heights helps keep everything looking more interesting to the beholder.

You'll be able to show off your unique style in an entertaining way. If you have windows near the TV, soften your transition with black and white window treatments. Use lamps on either side with softer lighting to highlight the art displayed, without making the area too bright when you're watching something. 

Interesting Ways to Decorate Around Your Television Artwork Image3. Disguise Your TV When It's Off

Many homeowners prefer not to have their TV visible when it isn't in use. However, a cabinet with a door may not always be the best solution for every living area. Instead, why not combine practicality with art in the form of folding panels?

These panels create a beautiful sort of screen that conceals your TV while adding some colour. If you want to erase the need for a cover at all, Samsung saves the day with The Frame  – a television that displays artistic images of your choice or even your own photos whenever you're not watching a program. Your guests would never know your elegant piece of art has full HD qualities until you hit power!

4. Use Open Shelving Under a Wall-Mounted TV

Having your flat screen wall-mounted helps provide a lot of additional space, and you might be wondering about the best way to make full use of that open area. Open shelving, in the form of a cabinet or individual shelf units, help provide an easy way to decorate and to store items. You could even revamp old furniture, such as an antique dresser, into a functional storage space beneath your TV. 

If you've been in search of an ideal, visible way to display your favourite figurines, this shelving is the perfect place. The shelving is also a good way to display decorative plates and other fragile items you might prefer not to have wall-mounted. You'll also find this type of space is ideal for placing a few indoor plants.

5. When Your TV is Above Your Fireplace

If your flat screen TV is above the fireplace in your living room, there are a few considerations to keep in mind for unique decorating ideas. One interesting way to dress up a TV situated above a fireplace is to outline it with a wood frame, or possibly have it inset in a stone or tile surrounding. 

If you opted for built-in shelving above and/or next to your fireplace, you'll have a space that's very easy to decorate. Having your TV mounted high enough will allow you to make full use of the mantle area for your favourite collectible items where they aren't in the way of the TV. Then, have symmetrical shelving on either side of the fireplace and TV. An advantage that comes with this arrangement is being able to have guests check out your art displayed without getting in the way of the TV.

While your television may be your favourite living room feature, it doesn't have to be the only focal point. With a little creativity and thought, you can effortlessly bring a little more personality into this space, and perhaps even encourage you to turn off the screen more often to admire your own displays.

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