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Room by Room Colour Scheme Trends

Posted on Nov 21, 2017 by Earl Raatz

Room by Room Colour Scheme Trends Livingroom Red Featured ImageAttractive colour schemes in all the rooms of a new home can make them more inviting for family members and visitors. Also, creating a colour scheme for your home’s kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living room can raise the overall appeal of your residence. Take a look at some colour scheme ideas for these rooms.

The Kitchen

A two-toned look for a kitchen design is a growing trend with many homeowners who want to get creative with their eating space. One idea for a kitchen is a grey/white combination. Wooden cabinets painted grey paired with white marble countertops creates a dramatic setting.

Room by Room Colour Scheme Trends Purple Bedroom ImageImagine copper, dark brown, and cream as another option for your kitchen’s colour scheme. You could put in dark brown countertops, pairing them with cream coloured cabinets and walls. Bring copper into the picture with a copper hood for your oven, a copper sink, copper pots, and various utensils.

The Bedroom

A colour scheme of pinks, purples, and dark wood can make a master bedroom or a child's bedroom one of the highlights of your home. Walls of pale pink serve as a lovely background for a bedspread made of pink and purple fabric squares as well as a lavender area rug on top of deep hardwood. Consider taking on a DIY project to revamp old furniture to fit your theme without the high price tag; a simple addition such as a chair with purple upholstery can add to the appeal of this colour scheme.

A black and white colour theme is not an unusual sight in a classic master bedroom design. But, add red to the picture and it takes on new drama! Try combining a black and white bedspread, white painted walls, black bedside tables, and a bright red area rug to create a design with a touch of vibrancy.

Room by Room Colour Scheme Trends Orange Bedroom ImageA combination of burnt orange and cream gives a bedroom an attractive and unique look. A cream carpet makes an excellent backdrop for a cream/burnt orange bedspread and throw pillows. Paint the walls in burnt orange and perhaps consider throwing a lounge chair in orange's complementary colour, blue. While it may sound a little offbeat, using complementary colours is actually an interior design trick that will improve any room

The Bathroom

Consider a bathroom design colour scheme featuring solids and stripes. A bathtub, sink, and toilet in white porcelain with polished chrome faucets serve as the solid part of the décor. Create a pleasant contrast with wallpaper featuring blue, bright yellow, white and orange stripes of varying widths.

The colour combination of royal blue and white gives a bathroom an elegant tone. Wallpaper featuring blue roses or a blue/white scroll pattern are examples of intriguing designs. Add in polished brass faucets and other hardware to give the bathroom an extra touch of flair.

Pink and grey create an appealing colour scheme in a guest bathroom. Install grey tile in the shower, around the bathtub, and on the floor. Light grey wallpaper with intricate designs is perfect for the walls. Mix a delicate shade of pink into the space with the addition of:

  • Pink curtains for the windows
  • Pink towels and washcloths
  • Pink shades on the light fixtures
  • Artwork featuring the colour pink

The Living Room

Give your living room a modern look by following a light/dark colour trend. For example, if you like the colour green, paint the walls an olive green and find curtains in light aquamarine. An area rug with stripes in varying shades of green will tie together all of the other greens in your living room.

Red and white is another pleasing colour scheme for a living room. A collection of bright red chairs and a sofa create a vibrant picture when set on white carpeting. Wallpaper featuring a white and red trellis design lends even more visual harmony to a living room.

A gold, silver, and white colour scheme is an elegant option for a living room. Put up some gold window curtains featuring an ornate design. Add a silver-toned sofa, chairs, and ottoman to the room. Install white carpeting and paint the walls white to serve as a simple backdrop for this swirl of eye-catching colours.

Finally, it’s always helpful to let your imagination fly when creating the colour scheme of the rooms in your home. Sometimes one imaginative idea can lead to another. With colour schemes you really love, you'll continue to experience the same first-sight giddiness as you walk into your home for years to come. 

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