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How to Sell Your Home Fast In Winter

Posted on Dec 22, 2016 by Earl Raatz

how-to-sell-your-home-fast-in-winter-home-exterior-featured-image.pngIt's understandable that when you're trying to move your family into an upgraded home, you want to sell your existing home as quickly as possible. But with many folks out of town on vacations and chilly weather dampening the appeal of house shopping, winter can be a tough time to list your house. However, fewer houses for sale combined with the current buyer's market means your home will attract more attention. By boosting its sense of coziness, maximizing winter resources, and looking closely at the details, you'll help your home get noticed.

Listed below are eight tips on how to prepare your property for a quick winter sale by creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere both outside and inside for potential buyers, no matter how dreary the weather is.

1. Shovel Your Walkways 

Few things repel prospective buyers quicker than a dangerously snowy pathway. Open house attendees must be able to effortlessly stroll completely around the home and gain access to the the backyard. If you can, try to make some snowless parking available to simplify things for buyers.

2. Winter Landscaping 

During the winter season, it's not easy to picture a blossoming garden - but there are ways to boost your winter curb appeal. Big decorative planters, picnic tables, stone walls, and other landscape structures can help shoppers realize its possibilities even when the weather has turned cold. And inside the house, you can place a scrapbook with high-quality pictures of your garden and outdoor areas in the summer.

3. Deck The Halls!

Shoppers want to visualize what it would be like living in your house during the holidays, so it's important to make their first impression as welcoming as you can. Seasonal shining lights, Christmas wreaths, and an ornamented tree will create the proper atmosphere. That isn't to say you should overdo it, as a home that's crammed with excessive Christmas decorations is usually a major buzzkill. Try to add cozy home decor that buyers can see themselves getting used to. 

4. Highlight Warm Areas

Sub-level play areas, indoor gyms, heated garages, and similar rooms are particularly inviting in a locale that's very cold in the winter. Get rid of any extraneous junk to make the room's theme more obvious, and make sure you highlight it when presenting the home to prospective buyers.

5. Add More Warmth

A crimson throw hanging over the top edge of a sofa, a thick afghan folded at the base of a bed, or a warmly-shaded floor rug are some little touches that can have a major impact on how a room comes across to potential buyers. Additionally, make sure that all lights are on, even during daytime tours. Winter daylight is often rather sparse, so your home will be looking it's best when it's lit brightly. Wash all lighting fixtures, table lamps, and bulbs to make sure they're emitting the maximum amount of light. Don't forget to swap out any dim or burned out bulbs, too.

6. Stage Your Home 

The bleak winter weather means that staging your house properly is a very effective way to close a sale fast. By investing a little time and energy into sprucing up your home's interior, staging can make it rise above its competitors. Creatively flaunt the hosting opportunities of the house. Winter is the perfect season for elegant dinner parties, so pique potential buyers' interests by staging a radiant showcase. Lay out stacks of fine china and fresh-cut flowers on a lounge table, or exhibit seasonal pastries on cake holders in the cooking area.


7. Light A Fire

If you have a gas-powered fireplace or cast-iron wood stove, don't let it go to waste. Light a fire in it to make guests feel at home, being careful not to leave it unattended for long. If you don't have a fireplace or are expecting visitors with smoke allergies, think about serving hot apple cider as an alternative.

8. Keep Entrances Clean 

Just like during any other season, a thoroughly clean and uncluttered house sells quicker and often for more money than one that has a lot of junk spread out all over the place. In the wintertime, it's particularly important to store away things you normally keep at the entryway where visitors won't stumble over them. You can store a mop in the front closet and quickly clean the entrance floor between walkthroughs.

Alberta's lengthy winter season doesn't preclude selling your home. You really can sell your property quickly during this season of the year simply by considering its features from a buyer's perspective. By considering the eight tips mentioned above, you can emphasize its most appealing attributes to make it sell faster than you ever thought possible.

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