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11 Things To Do When It's Too Cold To Go Outside

Posted on Jan 17, 2017 by Earl Raatz

things-to-do-at-home-too-cold-go-outside-family-playing-games-featured-image.pngWhen winter winds blow in Calgary, you’ll want to pass the time away with indoor activities for the whole family. Winter is the perfect opportunity for new projects, hobbies, and special interests. So, when the temperature drops outside, here’s a list of 11 things you can do to keep busy inside.

1. Vintage Video Viewing

Dust off old home movies and get cozy in the living room or den. Pop some popcorn or gather the kids to make homemade pizzas to munch on while taking the children on a virtual tour of days gone by. Think of a few classic kid-friendly movies you loved as a child. Those old flicks can create lots of laughter and a lifetime of memories.

2. Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Collect some interesting items like toys, candy, or clothing; make a list and hide them all over the house. The one who finds the most items on the list wins a prize, special privileges, or first dibs on the TV remote. The whole family can spend hours searching for all the hidden items.

3. Tackle The Honey-Do List

Now is the perfect time to finish off those household chores! Focus your attention on leaking faucets, loose doorknobs, drafty windows, or running toilets - a worthwhile investment in your home and one less thing to worry about down the road.

4. Declutter A Closet

Expand your space by decluttering a closet. Start by removing everything and placing clothing, shoes, and accessories in separate piles. Designate which items you will keep, give away, or discard. Bag clothing and shoes you intend to give away or trash. Begin placing the “keepers” back into the closet, but be careful to organize them neatly.

5. Redesign A Room

Take advantage of having to stay indoors by redesigning your interior space. Paint an accent wall, add some colourful accents like lamps and pillows, or replace a worn out rug with a brightly-hued new piece. Moving furniture around not only gives a room a new perspective but it helps fight the winter blues.

things-to-do-at-home-too-cold-go-outside-mom-kids-cooking-dinner-image.png6. Bake And Freeze Family Meals

Use the extra time at home to make some one-pot meals. Combine leftover rotisserie chicken, peas, and potatoes for a filling casserole that can be frozen for later. Alternatively, you could cook a big pot of homemade soup from leftover meats and seasonal vegetables and freeze for another day. Get the whole family involved!

8. Indulge In An Indoor Spa

Draw a hot, steamy bubble bath and retreat into your very own spa. Fill the tub with aromatic salts, surround the tub’s edge with fragrant candles, and turn on a soothing CD. Close your eyes and bask in the luxury of bath time bliss.

9. Build A Fort

Why not build a fort made from overturned chairs, blankets, pillows and cardboard boxes? Turn your living room into a maze of fun places to climb, tumble and explore. Tuck a few colouring books inside the maze, along with healthy snacks for hours of play time, frolicking and fun.

10. Entertain Your Tech-Savvy Teen

When it’s cold outside, teens can easily become bored. But housebound teens are a captive audience. Keep them occupied for hours with some digital design projects. Ask if they can help organize those old photos into a digital album the whole family can enjoy. Most teens will enjoy converting them into an electronic format and adding emojis or text.

11. Take A Virtual Tour

When it’s too cold to go outside, take a few virtual tours of exotic places without leaving the comfort of home. Online travel sites offer digital tours of places you long to visit. View a tropical isle with white, sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Explore an Irish countryside with rolling meadow abloom with heather. It costs nothing to indulge in an imaginary excursion online and it’s a learning experience for the kids, too!

Wintry days don’t have to be dull; there's lots to do inside. The next time the weather has you bundled up at home, pull out this handy list of suggestions. All you have to do is get creative and make the best use of time, household and pantry items, and a little ingenuity to make staying indoors an adventure for the whole family.

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