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Throwing a Halloween Party? Add Some Gore to Your Décor With These Party Tips!

Posted on Oct 30, 2018 by Earl Raatz

Throwing a Halloween Party? Add Some Gore to Your Décor With These Party Tips! Featured ImageHalloween will be here soon, so it’s time to start planning a party your family and guests will love. Part of the fun of planning is you can be as creepy and creative as you want. Check out a few tips to make your Halloween party décor a hit with all your guests.

Perfect Lighting for a Fright Night Party 

Paper lanterns with LED lights are a creative way to add some spooky illumination to your party. There are orange paper lanterns in the shape of pumpkins complete with a pumpkin face. Or, you can go with white paper lanterns with a ghost face or spider web design. Get some paper lanterns with streamers and hang them on your front porch or in a tree so they can bounce around in the autumn breeze! 

Other popular designs on paper lanterns for Halloween:

  • Bats
  • Witches
  • Skeletons 

Another idea is to get LED string lights to arrange around your door or the windows bordering your front door. White or orange LED string lights can be used to enhance the look of a pumpkin. There are even string lights available in different shapes such as ghosts, witches or hissing cats. 

Throwing a Halloween Party? Add Some Gore to Your Décor With These Party Tips! Spooky Eyes ImageHalloween Décor 

For the Outside 

For your Halloween party this year, why not put some spooky eyes or bats in your bushes? Collect some discarded cardboard toilet paper rolls and paint them black. Use scissors to cut eye holes and a mouth for each of your creatures and make triangular ears out of black construction paper. On the night of your party, put a glow stick inside each of the toilet paper roll creatures, close off the ends and put them in various places in the bushes around your front door. 

Get a bag of fake spider webs from your local craft store and drape them around your front porch including the steps, railings and even across your front door. Make sure to throw in some small plastic spiders to make the web even creepier. This is especially popular décor for parties with young kids. 

Light up the walkway to your home with some milk jug ghosts. A few weeks before the party, put aside several plastic gallon milk jugs. Wash them thoroughly and use a black marker to decorate each of them with a ghost face. Cut a hole in the back of the jug so you can put an LED tea light inside it to light up its face. 

For the Inside 

Decorate your windows by attaching silhouettes of witches and black cats to the glass. You can buy these scary silhouettes at craft stores or online, or you can make your own out of a sheet of cardstock. When you put a light behind the silhouette, your guests will think you have a witch in your window as they walk up to your home. 

Instead of just sticking with the traditional carved pumpkins, why not make some black cat pumpkins? Be sure to choose pumpkins in different shapes and sizes to add some interest to this piece of Halloween party décor. 

You can even make treat bags a part of your Halloween party décor! Fill these little treat bags with delicious candy and stickers and put them on display on a table in your foyer so your guests won’t forget to grab one on the way out. 

The walls of your home are the perfect place for even more Halloween decorations. If you have a mirror in your foyer, why not drape cobwebs over it or hang a bat on one corner? 

Make a Happy Halloween sign with large letters made out of black and orange construction paper. Or, ask your kids to make a Happy Halloween sign with pieces of candy corn. To make each letter, simply glue the candy corn on pieces of black construction paper. Use tape to hang up the finished letters. This is an easy way to get young kids involved in the party prep. 

Throwing a Halloween Party? Add Some Gore to Your Décor With These Party Tips! Hot Pepper Mummies ImageSnacks as Part of Your Décor 

Party snacks are not only tasty to eat, they can also contribute to your Halloween theme. Whip up a batch of hot pepper mummies to add a unique twist to your refreshment table. Spooky spider cookies are sure to be a favourite with guests who love chocolate. Or, put your own spin on a traditional favourite for those who love a sweet, salty snack


Why not play some ambient music to add more creep to your party? Play a CD in the background with spooky sounds such as creaking doors, rattling chains, witches cackling and ghosts moaning. Or, put on some songs with a scary theme such as ‘Monster Mash’, the theme to the Halloween movies and ‘Purple People Eater’ along with others. 

If you have a favourite scary movie that is appropriate for the age of your guests, you may want to set the DVD player and show the movie so people can wander in and out to watch it during your party. It doesn't have to be a scary one. It could be a funny/scary movie such as Young Frankenstein

Make your Halloween party a standout this year with some really fun décor. And, don’t forget to use some creativity in the clean-up as well.

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