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Valentine’s Day Gifts to “Wow” Your Partner

Posted on Feb 07, 2019 by Earl Raatz

Valentine’s Day Gifts to “Wow” Your Partner Featured ImageValentine's Day is once a year, and you probably want to use it as the perfect reason to buy your partner something special. You might be ready for a switch from the usual candy, flowers, and stuffed animals. Giving your beloved something that is genuinely unique will make him or her pleased this year, and maybe start some new holiday traditions.

Personalized Map Art

Most relationships have a history that includes visiting fun places that create special memories that you'll want to recount as often as possible. Unique art incorporating maps of places that you have visited together is a beautiful testament to what your relationship means and an ideal conversation piece. If the art is in an attractive frame, it can also be something you'll be proud to display.

Custom Watercolour Portrait

Both of you likely have some favourite pictures that have been taken with the two of you together that you enjoy showing off. Why not give them a unique twist by having one of them rendered into a watercolour? Even though there are many ways of creating these portraits that include digital art, one of the most meaningful ways you could do this is by having the portrait painted.

Print Featuring Custom Art

Art prints that use custom art make memorable gifts, especially for your significant other. A print that features art related to his or her interests will always be a delight to receive and will create a unique statement. The more unique the artwork, the more you'll ensure they enjoy receiving it.

Valentine’s Day Gifts to “Wow” Your Partner Coaster ImageCustom Coasters

If you entertain a lot, you might find that you're out of coasters when you most need to use them. A custom set is a unique gift that your partner will appreciate for your thoughtfulness. If created using a design or picture especially meaningful to both of you, this will be a very special gift.

Yoga Mat

Even though most people don't think of fitness activities as being overly romantic, a yoga mat for a loved one demonstrates that you care about their overall wellness. Serious yoga enthusiasts or even those who want to try something new will appreciate the thought. You never know, a yoga mat as a gift might motivate you to join your lover in their daily yoga routine.

A New Wallet

Most people need to replace their wallets more often than they realize. A new wallet is a thoughtful gift that he or she will have with them most of the time. Make this gift even more special by filling up the picture spaces with photos of fun moments you've had together.

A Warm Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirts are good choices for either gender because their warmth is perfect for nippy Calgary nights. One of the things that a flannel shirt can do is make your beloved feel wrapped in a warm hug. Consider pairing one of these shirts with other warm, snuggly gear. Pyjama sets are another good gift idea!

Valentine’s Day Gifts to “Wow” Your Partner Socks ImageWarm Socks

There are few things more relaxing than settling in on the couch to watch a night of favourite movies and TV shows. Staying warm and toasty with a nice pair of woolly socks to go along with pyjamas or another favourite lounging outfit makes anyone happy. You'll please your partner for thinking of helping them stay comfortable.

Spa Treatments

A spa treatment is something many would gladly take advantage of, but never seem to find the time for. Taking a trip to the spa together as a couple is a perfect way to spend time together and get in a little extra pampering. Consider making a night or weekend of it by staying at a luxury hotel with a spa.

Have a Mini-Staycation

Flying to some exotic location might seem like a fabulous idea, but Valentine's Day might not fall during a time that is convenient for that. Instead, why not consider a staycation where you order in your favourite "date night" foods or visit new restaurants, and enjoy local activities that you might not otherwise fit into your schedule? You can easily give yourselves time to explore new things that you might not have thought of before.

With these gift ideas in mind, you're sure to impress your significant other on Valentine's Day. Thoughtful presents are a great reminder of how much you care about each other and they can be fun for both of you, too!

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