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12 Advantages of Working With a Calgary Home Builder

Posted on Jun 13, 2017 by Earl Raatz

12 Advantages of Working With a Calgary Home Builder Elina model imageYou can't find anything that suits your family. You're tired of generic houses lining cookie-cutter streets. You want to build a customized, one-of-a-kind property! If any of these statements apply to you, here are just 12 reasons to go through a professional home builder in Calgary.

1. They know what they're doing.

If you don't have any experience in real estate, you're probably a bit lost when it comes to the specifics of building your dream house. This is where a professional home builder can help. They've gone through the whole process many times before, which means they'll be your trusted guide from start to finish.

2. They'll save you money.

If you're on a budget, builders can help you avoid expensive materials and money-wasting home features. They can discuss your wants and needs with you and make experienced, honest suggestions about what will be most valuable for you to invest in. They'll also be able to give you quotes and estimates beforehand so you'll always know exactly what you're installing in your home and how much it's worth.

3. They can speed up the building process.

Houses can take anywhere from 4-8 months to build from scratch, but if you have a professional home builder, they can make sure your timetable is on the shorter end of the spectrum. This is because they already know what papers and permits to submit to the city of Calgary, so you can get started with the authorization processes right away. Working with a builder, you can also determine which timeframe is best for your family when looking at different home options. 

12 Advantages of Working With a Calgary Home Builder Willows image4. They're hip to the trends.

If you've never seen a grown man seriously discuss the advantages and disadvantages of garden-facing bay windows, you've never met a home builder. They know all about the trends of the real estate market, and they can give you solid, real-world advice about what fads to embrace and what architectural elements won't stay fashionable for long.

5. They have specialized tools, programs, and software.

Many builders use computer software to generate their blueprints and plan out the specifics of budgets, materials, and schedules. When you hire their services, you'll be getting access to this technology, too. You can even "see" what your house will look like through computer simulations long before it's finally built!

6. They have connections.

Just like any professional, builders have networks and affiliations with others in the industry. For example, they might be members of the Canadian Home Builders' Association (CHBA). They might work closely with plumbers, architects, electricians, or home stagers, and they might be able to reach out and get you better quotes because of their connections.

7. They can accommodate your particular needs.

If you want a flex room that can be modified over the years for your kids and grandkids, builders can tell you where to put it. If you're a pet owner who needs a big backyard for your Dobermans, builders can show you where and how far to extend your property. The whole point of a customized home is that it suits your particular needs, and builders can help you both identify and plan for them.

8. They'll help you save the environment.

Do you live a sustainable life? Or maybe you're just interested in the lower energy bills that come along with eco-friendly home designs. Whatever your reasons for going green, your builder should have energy efficient features like thermal insulation, photovoltaic panels, and energy-efficient appliances. Again, they know all about the likes and dislikes of modern buyers, and "green" houses are very stylish right now.

9. They know where the hottest neighbourhoods can be found.

If you want to live in Calgary but don't have any specific neighbourhoods in mind, builders can reach out to their professional network and see what communities are currently thriving. They might even be able to get you into a developing community full of new homes and expanding businesses. Talk to a builder to learn about what makes a community great, and what lots are open.

12 Advantages of Working With a Calgary Home Builder Quality image10. They offer guarantees.

This will depend on your builder, of course, but most offer some kind of customer satisfaction guarantee for their work. You can rest easier in your new home when you go through a professional builder who has assumed liability for their materials, labour or craftsmanship. You won't get that kind of guarantee from a realtor selling you a pre-owned home, so builders come out on top once again!

11. You'll benefit from their experience.

Builders who have been around the block will make the whole home construction process a lot easier. Not only will their knowledge help you make better decisions, but their skills and experience will ensure you receive high-quality craftsmanship. It's the same logic as hiring experienced house painters instead of high school kids with splattered rollers, just on a larger scale.

12. They'll give you what you want.

At the end of the day, this is the most important part of hiring a customized home builder. You probably have certain visions in your head of what you want your home to look like, and builders can make it happen. It doesn't matter if it involves colours, sizes, materials, neighbourhoods, or elevation levels; if your builder is the real deal, they'll make sure your home reflects your desires. A good builder can even help you determine your wants versus needs.

If you're thinking of building a house in Calgary, these are just a few reasons to work with a professional home builder. They can help you turn your dream home into a real-world structure, but first, you'll need to reach out and express your interest to them!

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