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5 Easy steps to makeover your patio space that won't break the bank

Posted by Earl Raatz on Mar 31, 2020

With all the mayhem going on in the world, most people are choosing to stay home in the sanctuary of their own spaces. But what if your backyard space looks more like a prison than an oasis? Don't worry as we have the answers to making your backyard space a great place to relax and unwind this season.


How is your deck looking? 

Is it spectacular or a sight? Do you know re-staining your deck is not as expensive or hard as you may think? Preparation of the wood is the key in conjunction with a good stain product. Think of using a stain and sealant in one product to save time such as Olympic Maximum Stain and Sealant. 

1. Test your deck surface. A simple test is to put some water on your dry deck. If the water is absorbed after a few minutes then it's definitely time to re-stain. If it beads on the surface, then you'll have strip that sealant as it's still working. 

2. Clean that deck. You can just broom off the debris before you stain. To ensure your new stain lasts and looks even you should really clean the deck of contaminants first.  There are lots of deck cleaners out there, as well as pressure washing will ensure your surface is ready.

3. Do you need to sand? If you've never protected it or stained it you probably should sand. If you have stained it before and can remove stain by placing a piece of tape on it and pulling it off, then you'll need to sand as well. 

4. Time to stain. Once your surface is prepped, then you're ready to stain. A brush is the optimum way to apply stain but you can still use a roller or paint pad as well. The trick is to always have a wet edge and make certain you get in between the boards, cracks and edges.

5. Take your time and be consistent. If you have railings to stain, start with them first and use a drop cloth below to protect your areas.  For a great how to video from Lowes click here


Guest Room or no Guest Room?

Posted by Earl Raatz on Nov 14, 2019

Should you add an extra bedroom to your home to have as a guest room? When friends and family from out of town come to visit, we want them to truly feel at home. But the question is, is it worth having this extra bedroom for the guests that come to visit?


Making this decision is easy if you have a lot of guests who visit from out of town or are using the bedroom as a multifunctional room. If you are using this room solely as a guest bedroom you will have to figure if it will get enough use during the year. If this room is only going to be used one week out of the year there are other options to consider. You could purchase a hide-away couch, futon or even an air mattress for your guests to sleep on if you do not have a guest room. Maybe finishing the basement and having an oasis for guests on the lower level is the way to go. Another viable option is having your guests stay at a hotel if there is one close by. Without a guest room, your visitors may be inclined to stay at a hotel, which may bring you delight depending on your family situation! Having them at an alternate location will cut into the time you have with guests.

5 pathways of least resistance

Posted by Earl Raatz on Jul 25, 2019

Thinking of doing a little back yard DIY? Dividing your yard into useful areas is a great place to start. Maybe you need a play area structure but still need an entertaining or relaxing area and maybe a little garden too? Segmenting your space is where you need to start and then a pathway system to connect them together efficiently and aesthetically. There are so many choices but here are 5 top picks! Remember 36” is the typical width but you can modify that to suit your space.


Why don't we take this outside!

Posted by Earl Raatz on Jul 11, 2019

With the warm weather and summer in full swing, the season for outdoor entertaining is upon us. Whether it is having a full on backyard BBQ, kid’s birthday party, or maybe just sitting around the fire pit on a nice evening, we have a few tips and ideas to make your time outdoors more enjoyable. 

How to buy your first home as a millennial

Posted by Earl Raatz on Jun 13, 2019

First of all, you may be wondering who millennials are. Millennials are the generation born between the years of 1981 - 1995 and are currently the largest generation in history with approximately 90 million members. Some refer to millennials as Generation Y and their home buying habits have been unpredictable at the best of times.  This can be attributed to rising home prices as well as crippling student-loan debts. Your typical millennial is waiting longer to buy a home because rent and commodities have increased in price, while wages have levelled or are lower due to a lack of workplace experience. If you fall into this category, you might have a grim outlook on purchasing a home. Don’t sweat it, there is still hope.

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