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Classic Home Design Ideas That Never Go Out of Style: Living Rooms

Posted on Oct 11, 2016 by Earl Raatz

classic-living-room-design-ideas-saxony-model.pngNot only does your living room allow you to express your personal style, it is often the first room a guest sees. Whether you create a contemporary getaway or a rustic retreat, this area should be a welcoming space to create wonderful memories. Below are some helpful tips you can use to create a beautifully decorated living room that will never go out of style.

Elegant Window Treatments

Window treatments are available in a wide variety of styles and materials, but some of the best designs are the looks that have endured over the years. For example, the clean lines of plantation shutters or sheer curtains offer light as well as view-blocking flexibility. Not only will these elegant styles enhance your windows during any season, they also add a beautiful look to the exterior of your home. Simplicity is often the key to creating a classic look that remains vibrant, durable and relevant as a part of your living room decor.

Classic Ambient Lighting

The ambient lighting you add to your living room is a subtle way to create some classic elegance. The unique architectural lines of a modern floor lamp or a traditional crystal chandelier make an immediate statement, and also allow you to express your personal style in a simple way. Even with diverse colours and styles, the use of lamps and ambient lighting always gives the living room a finished, welcoming feel.

Sophisticated Furniture Pieces

High-backed sofas and wingback chairs evoke the vintage elegance of a parlour or music room. Even if your tastes are more contemporary, adding a vintage furniture piece makes a great focal point.  Choose durable, patterned fabrics to compliment your decor and create a great conversational piece.

classic-living-room-design-ideas-linden-model.pngFireplaces and Built-Ins

Nothing creates visual interest and attracts guests more than a beautiful fireplace. A crackling fire and picturesque mantel creates a cozy and welcoming area for beverages, food, and conversation. As a custom feature of the home, traditional fireplace mantels are surrounded by built-in cabinetry or bookshelves to display your library or treasured collections. Built-in furniture anchors the living room, and shelves filled with artwork or treasured photographs gives it a personal touch that’s uniquely your own.

Warm Woods for Any Era

Wooden flooring, trim mouldings and furniture never go out of style, and look good in any home. Traditional wooden furniture such as a sideboard or coffee table add storage and create gathering places for your cocktail parties and family gatherings. Crown mouldings and wainscoting are valued elements in classic home design, and are especially beautiful when added to a contemporary setting.

Light-Enhancing Mirrors

Mirrors offer the ultimate in flexibility, as you can use them to create a traditional, retro or modern look in your home. Over the mantel, a framed mirror is an expected - yet timeless - addition to the living room. A small living room can be made to look more spacious by adding mirrors. Aligning mirrors to reflect beautiful lighting or artwork can make your living room look especially sophisticated and tasteful.

Elegant Artwork

Treating your living room like a trendy art gallery can give your home a look of high-end elegance. Arrangements of meaningful photographs or artwork will also give your home a special sense of your personality and style. Art starts conversations, and as your guests move about your home, you’ll find them in front of your gallery wall (when they aren’t gathered in front of your fireplace, that is).

Exotic Floor Coverings

Although simple wood or tile flooring is beautiful, enhancing your living room with decorative rugs gives your home a comfortable and welcoming feeling. As a protective floor covering through a high-traffic area, a decorative rug is both practical and beautiful. A Persian design with a detailed pattern and jewel-toned colours will provide a cozy touch in your modern or traditional space.

Your living room is a unique space ideal for all types of gatherings. From special family time to entertaining friends, a well-designed living room will allow you to keep a classic, comfortable look while still reflecting your personal style.

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