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10 Ideas to Cover Your Walls That Aren't Paint

Posted by Earl Raatz on Oct 19, 2017

Paint might be the most common material people use to cover their walls, but it's far from the only option available. 

Whether you take a DIY approach or consider the benefits of using an interior designer, you can really impress visitors with walls boasting a distinct look.

How to Mix High and Low End Décor for Ravishing Results

Posted by Earl Raatz on Oct 17, 2017

One of the risks of high-end décor is oversaturation. When everything in the room is flashy and showy, it stops being impressive and starts being ostentatious. 

The key to a truly sophisticated look is to mix low- and high-end design elements in a way that complements both, so here are just a few suggestions for capturing this aesthetic in your own home.

Moving Up: Where to Spend Your Upgrade Dollars

Posted by Earl Raatz on Oct 12, 2017

When you're having a new home built, it's very tempting to want to take advantage of upgrades. 

However, you might spend some time wondering if the upgrades you're considering are worth the effort or money.

Brand New Show Home Opening in Crestmont!

Posted by Earl Raatz on Oct 10, 2017

There's a new show home opening in the Crestmont community, and it's one of the best ones yet! 

If you're looking for a new living space where your family can learn, grow, work, and play, consider the Kingsley.

8 Ways to Cozy Up Your Home

Posted by Earl Raatz on Oct 05, 2017

As winter looms near, you may find yourself struggling to stay warm and toasty in your new home. 

It might seem that no matter how many thick shirts you pile on or how high you turn the thermostat, there's still a vague chill in the air that you can't quite shake.

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