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Classic Home Design Ideas That Never Go Out of Style: Bathrooms

Posted on Jun 22, 2017 by Earl Raatz

Classic Home Design Ideas That Never Go Out of Style: Bathrooms Avonley II Ensuite imageThe bathroom is something you have to use every day. Why not make it a pleasant experience? Here are just a few tips for timeless bathroom décor that can be used in any home and at any time.

Choose a Pedestal Sink

Today's trendy bathrooms have sleek and minimalist sinks, but as with anything fashionable, you never know when the fad will pass. A better investment is a classic pedestal sink that will suit everyone and match everything.

Classic Home Design Ideas That Never Go Out of Style: Bathrooms Manchester Ensuite imageEmphasize the Tub

Every room has a centrepiece, and in the bathroom, that's the tub. The trick is to use "leading lines" that will naturally draw the eye towards your claw foot. Create a sense of symmetry with parallel design elements that all lead towards the tub.

Have a Colour Scheme

Whether it's soft creams or soothing blues, a colour scheme can help you tie together all of the elements of your bathroom design. For example, if you're styling most of the room in light dove greys, you can use darker charcoal greys for your hand towels and floor mats.

Add a Touch of Nature

A green plant will look striking against a neutral-coloured bathroom. If you buy an air purification plant like dracaena, you can also eliminate odours and strip the atmosphere of things like benzene and formaldehyde in a completely natural way.

Hide Your Luxuries

A high-tech waterfall shower might not be the most traditional thing out there, but as long as you hide it behind a glass panel, who will know? This is especially true if you're accessorizing an ensuite bathroom that no one will ever see but you.

Mellow Your Lighting

Many bathrooms use harsh florescent lights that create deep shadows and unflattering contrasts. For a softer, more relaxing look, install light bars instead of overhead halogen bulbs. You can also affix hanging lights from the ceiling that will only illuminate certain parts of the room at once.

You can never go wrong with natural lighting to give you the right ambience. In your bathroom, use light, gauzy half-curtains that stop before the bottom of the windowsill to maintain privacy but still let in the light. If you can, ditch the curtains entirely and leave your window bare.

Add Wicker Elements

Wicker is one of the most requested items of bathroom designers. Maybe it's because it evokes images of luxury and seaside resorts; maybe it's because the material is so easy to maintain. Regardless of the reason, wicker chairs and hampers will help your traditional bathroom aesthetic.

Choose a Classic Tile

While trendy tiles like sandstone aren't without their merits, the timeless bathroom needs something like porcelain or ceramic. These materials will never go out of style, so even if you sell your home 10 or 20 years down the line, your property value won't be affected by your tile.

Create More Floor Space

No one likes a cramped bathroom, so free up the floor to make the whole area seem bigger. For example, you might start hanging laundry on hooks instead of tossing it on the ground. This is especially helpful for half-baths where elbow room is always an issue.

Classic Home Design Ideas That Never Go Out of Style: Bathrooms Elina Red Ensuite imageInstall Modern Fixtures

A funny thing about kitchen and bathroom taps is that their "classic" styles are actually quite modern. No one really wants a rusty brass faucet where they have to pump the water by hand! Embrace today's modern conveniences when choosing your bathroom fixtures.

Avoid Photos and Personal Touches

You can hang these if you want to, of course, but they won't really give your bathroom that immortal feeling. Photos are dated by nature, and knick-knacks reflect your current likes, interests, and hobbies. You'll want to avoid anything personal for a truly timeless atmosphere.

Build More Cabinets

This is great for hallway bathrooms where a line always forms in the morning. By adding extra storage space, you can allow more members of your family to keep their towels, robes, and grooming appliances right where they need them.

Use Bright, Sparkling Whites

White may be the default colour of your bathroom, but it doesn't have to be a dull, boring white. You can make the room gleam in every direction by installing non-matte flooring or tossing in bleach with your white bathroom linens.

Add Wainscoting to Your Walls

Wainscot panelling is the kind that goes around the lower part of your wall. It suits all kinds of bathrooms, including full and half-baths, and it can be customized with multiple sizes and colours depending on your ideal bathroom design. Go wild with your wainscoting! The sky is the limit!

If you're looking for timeless bathroom designs, these are just a few that will never go out of style. You don't have to be an interior designer to see the value of clean lines and neutral tones.

To continue that timeless look throughout the rest of your home, check out our home design tips for your kitchenliving roomentryway, and master bedroom. It takes only a short time to plan for a design that can last a long time!

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