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4 Standard Features You Can Expect in Your New Home

Posted on Aug 29, 2016 by Earl Raatz

standard-features-expect-new-home-featured-image.pngAs you think about the types of features you want in your new home, you might start feeling like you’re doing a dance with the builders. Certain elements might come standard in one builder’s homes but be considered an upgrade by another builder. As you start your search, it’s a good idea to learn which features are included in the base price. These are just a few of the great features that come standard in every NuVista home we build.

1. Keeping Warm

There’s no doubt that Albertans are concerned with the cost of keeping their home warm in the winter. Older homes often have drafts because builders back then didn’t have access to the modern technology we have today. You can expect triple pane windows in every NuVista home. This type of window does an especially good job of keeping cold air out and warm air in. You’ll also enjoy R50 attic insulation, which reduces energy costs and helps prevent weather damage to the roof.

2. Energy Efficiency

Aside from the energy-efficient standards in the “bones” of the home, we also work hard to ensure that the elements inside the home use energy efficiently. For instance, we’ll install a high-efficiency furnace – one with a rating that’s at least 92 percent efficient. We also use low-flow toilets, which use around two to five gallons less per flush. Over time, that will save you a lot of money on your water bill.


3. Beautiful Features & Design

Of course, many new homebuyers want their home to look a certain way. With some builders, the style elements that really make a home stand out are things that will cost a lot more. We’ve carefully listened to our customers’ desires over the years and are happy to incorporate some of the most popular design elements into the base models of our homes.

For instance, when you choose to build with NuVista, you won’t have to pay extra to have 9’ ceilings in the main room, stainless steel appliances, or granite countertops. Those come standard, as do many other little details that make your home look great. Outside of the home, you’ll also love the beauty of the exposed aggregate driveway, which has a multi-coloured and textured look.

4. Comfortable Luxury

Little luxuries can also make a big difference in how much you love your home, but these things can quickly add up if they’re not a part of the standard plan. If you’ve always wanted an ensuite bathroom that feels like a spa getaway, you’ll be happy to know that we include a rain shower head at no additional cost. Our kitchen cabinets are large and feature soft-close dampeners. You won’t have to worry about accidentally waking the baby as you close the cupboards.

Building a new home is about incorporating all the features you want, at a price that’s affordable for your family. One of the key takeaways is recognizing that the more quality features included in the base model of the home, the easier it is to get what you want within your budget. Stop by one of our showhomes today and ask a sales representative to point out all of the elements that come standard in our house plans.

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