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Getting pre-approved for a mortgage

Posted by Earl Raatz on Aug 23, 2021

Getting pre-approved it not scary but their are steps you need to take so you're not disappointed.

Why being the cheapest home builder is not a good thing.

Posted by Earl Raatz on Jun 30, 2021

We'll never strive to be the cheapest. It's not in either of our best interests.

Love your trees! Tips and tricks.

Posted by Earl Raatz on Mar 19, 2021

Alberta has it's own climate...and Calgary it's unique too.

Things to know for getting your down payment together.

Posted by Earl Raatz on Mar 16, 2021

Most Canadians aren't used to saving up for things.

Stretching your hard earned dollar.

Posted by Earl Raatz on Feb 25, 2021

Times are tough. Here are some tips to stop losing money.

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