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Stretching your hard earned dollar.

Posted by Earl Raatz on Feb 25, 2021

Times are tough. Here are some tips to stop losing money.

Feeling bored? We have some fun new ideas to perk you up!

Posted by Earl Raatz on Dec 17, 2020

5 easy DIY gorgeous Christmas ideas

Posted by Earl Raatz on Nov 19, 2020

Christmas can be a very special time of year but also very expensive. We thought you might enjoy some great cost saving ways to create decor and even great gifts ideas. From out door planters to crafts and treat giveaways, we chose a few favourites.

Ever see those breathtaking outdoor planters and then look at the price tag. You can actually create these masterpieces yourself at a fraction of the cost. It seems daunting but really with just a little effort, some simple steps and a few items from the hardware store or craft store, you can do it. 

There are a few options from big to small so you can decide what you'd like to tackle to give your new home character without breaking the bank. 

New Home Upgrades That Will Bring You Great Value

Posted by Earl Raatz on Aug 10, 2020

When building your new home, there are so many different upgrades to choose from that it might feel a little overwhelming at times. After all, you want to choose upgrades that will make your home more functional for your life and family. Where do you begin?

5 Step Guide to Refinishing Furniture

Posted by Earl Raatz on Jul 02, 2020

Breathing new life into some of your old furniture can give you a conversation piece that fills your new home with a style that is unique to you.

Whether it’s an old sideboard, armoire, or bedroom dresser, don’t be hasty to punt these things out to the curb! In fact, restoring well-loved furniture found in antique markets and online classifieds can be an excellent way to give your new home character without breaking the bank.

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