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7 Benefits of Living in Calgary's Suburbs

Posted on Nov 20, 2018 by Earl Raatz

7 Benefits of Living in Calgary's Suburbs Featured ImageThe hustle and bustle of city life can be exhausting at times - it can be loud, busy, crowded, and just not what you want "home" to feel like. If you long for something a bit quieter, and with more green space, maybe it’s time to consider moving into the suburbs.

There are several advantages to living on the outskirts of Calgary. You'll find the extra space and quiet you long for while remaining close to big city attractions. When you move to a more tranquil neighbourhood you can enjoy some of these benefits:

7 Benefits of Living in Calgary's Suburbs Family Image1. Peace and Privacy

If peace and quiet are what you've been looking for, being away from the urban area allows for a calmness that no other kind of location can provide. Your family's home will be set in an area that's not overcrowded, allowing you to have all the privacy you need. You can enjoy your morning coffee on your deck or spend the afternoon gardening without hearing traffic or being interrupted by other loud noises. Consider locations outside of Calgary, but still nearby. 

The Willows of River Heights is a great example of a quiet, suburban community just a short distance away in Cochrane.

2. Nature and Scenery

The natural green spaces surrounding the communities outside of Calgary are peaceful and relaxing. How would you like to live in a home built alongside a park or with walking trails right outside your front door? If green space is what you’re after, then Cooper's Crossing in nearby Airdrie could be the right place for you. 

There are over 300 acres of parkland in the community - perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. You can be out on a hike or biking with the family and enjoying the scenery in minutes! Or, maybe you’d prefer to have a mountain backdrop outside your window. If you want to stay in Calgary, but live a bit further from the city centre, Silverado is a great option. 

This community is located in South Calgary and offers spectacular mountain views as well as plenty of outdoor activities for the whole family. 

3. More Value for Your Money

As well as having a lower population density than cities, the suburbs tend to have a natural sprawl which means less traffic congestion, less crowding, and space for bigger lot sizes and bigger homes. 

You might find that the money you would otherwise spend to live in an urban area will get you a lot more home in the suburbs!

4. A Close-Knit Community

Smaller and quieter neighbourhoods also tend to enjoy a closer sense of community. You'll find you're likely to know more people and experience less isolation from your neighbours. You can find that friendly, small-town feel even in certain areas of a big city like Calgary. Developments such as Evanston were designed with a strong sense of community in mind. 

You’ll find common areas such as a central gazebo, and playgrounds that are perfect for neighbourly meet-ups. Developers were intentional with the use of open spaces, back lanes and verandas as a way to draw people together.

7 Benefits of Living in Calgary's Suburbs School ImageYou may also find that smaller towns offer lots of fantastic community activities. 

Cochrane is a very active community and offers hiking groups, summer camps available for kids of all ages, and the unique Parent Link Centre where parents can bring young kids to play and socialize.

5. Great Schools

Suburban school systems often have some of the best national educational ratings, so moving your family to the outskirts of the city could mean increasing your options for nearby high-quality education from preschool through to post-secondary. 

Take the Cooper's Crossing School in Airdrie, for example. It is a highly recommended K-5 school that has become a big part of the community around it. Their strong commitment to learning and developing important life skills along the way has families looking to put down roots here so their children can thrive.

You'll find a healthy mix of public, private, and Catholic school options in Calgary's surrounding communities. In most areas, there are Francophone or French immersion schools available as well. Cochrane also offers support for homeschooling through an extensive educational and parental network.

6. Safety

While cities nowadays are safer than they have been in decades (and crime rates are continuing to decline), the suburbs generally tend to have even lower crime rates. If peace of mind is a priority for you and your family, the suburbs are likely to be one of the safest places to make your home. 

7. A Streamlined Commute

Although suburban communities are on the outskirts or slightly outside of the city, most neighbourhoods are within a 30-minute drive to whatever you need in Calgary. If you work in the city, it's an easy commute either by car or public transportation. You can still visit the fantastic restaurants, museums, and shopping centres that you may be used to downtown, and you also get to explore these options right in your new neighbourhood! 

This type of location gives you the best of both worlds as your home can be in a quiet area closer to nature, but you'll still have easy access to all of the great things Calgary has to offer.

Life is busy, but you don't have to live amongst everyone else's chaos. You and your family can enjoy the tranquillity of a life just outside the city - waking up to birds chirping, enjoying family dinners on your quiet deck and spending time in your large backyard with your kids. Living in Calgary's suburbs gives you everything you need!

Originally posted July 26, 2016, updated November 20, 2018.

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