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Is Your Current House Meeting the Needs of Your Family?

Posted on Mar 12, 2019 by Earl Raatz

Is Your Current House Meeting the Needs of Your Family? Featured ImageWhen you purchased your home years ago, it most likely met all of your needs and expectations. But, what about now? If your current home is not meeting your family’s needs anymore, it may be time for an upgrade! Discover a few of the typical reasons why families decide to upgrade to a brand-new home and how they benefit from the move.

Is Your Current House Meeting the Needs of Your Family? Baines Foursquare ImageYour Family is Expanding

Perhaps you want a home with bedrooms for your two young children as well as a nursery for the one on the way. This is an excellent reason to upgrade to a brand-new home such as the Brittany. This home design features two large bedrooms on the upper floor as well as a bonus room that could serve as a nursery.

Maybe you’ve arranged for your parents or grandparents to move in with your family. You want your relative to have their own bedroom on the main floor. Upgrading to a home design like the Baines would give you an extra room on the main floor to serve as a bedroom. The half-bathroom nearby would make the arrangement all the more comfortable and convenient for them.

You Want to Host More Parties!

You love to entertain family and friends for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and any other special occasion. But, in your current home, your guests have to crowd into a couple of small rooms making it difficult to mingle. Upgrading to a larger home with an open design concept featuring a welcoming great room would give your guests the space they need to thoroughly enjoy your hospitality!

Is Your Current House Meeting the Needs of Your Family? Ensuite ImageYou Want to Change the Tone of Your Home

In your current home, family members go into their respective rooms, shut the doors and retreat into their own worlds until it's time for dinner. You want to upgrade to a home with an open design concept. You love the idea of one family member in the kitchen being able to chat freely with another family member who's relaxing in the great room. An open design can't help but stir up conversation.

You Want to Live Closer to the Right Schools

Maybe your children are getting older and you want to ensure they’re on the right path to being accepted into a good university. Upgrading to a brand-new home in a different area can give your children access to the quality schools that’ll prepare them for higher education, as well as saving you time on the commute.

You Need More Space in General

The need for more space is one of the most common reasons why people upgrade to a brand-new home. Perhaps all of your children are in school now and you need more space for homework time. Or, maybe you want to create a recreation room where the family can play ping-pong, watch movies and spend time together. Moving into a brand-new home gives you more space for whatever activities you envision for your family.

Is Your Current House Meeting the Needs of Your Family? Kitchen ImageYou Want a Bigger, More Family-Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most popular places in a home. Maybe the kitchen in your current home feels cramped and overloaded with cooking utensils. One of the necessary components of any upgrade in living arrangements is a modern, inviting kitchen with all the bells and whistles.

The Bentley is an example of a home design with a kitchen featuring an island complete with breakfast bar, modern appliances and lots of counter space! There's also a walk thru pantry in this design, so you have a private place to store and organize your cooking utensils, dry goods, canned goods and more.

Other examples of home designs with inviting, spacious kitchens:

  • The Kirkwood 

Your Home-Based Business is Growing and Flourishing

Today, lots of families have two or more income streams to support their lifestyle. If you have a home-based business, you must have space for your paperwork, inventory and other business-related items. A flex room or a bonus room can be used as a spacious home office to accommodate all of the tools of your business.

Is Your Current House Meeting the Needs of Your Family? Kirkwood Model ImageYou Want to Live in a Better Neighbourhood

Maybe you’re looking to move to a safer, more appealing neighbourhood. You want to have peace of mind when your children go outside to play with their friends. Upgrading to a brand-new home means you can move into a neighbourhood where you feel comfortable about the safety of your family.

Another reason to upgrade is to move into a neighbourhood with more attractive surroundings. You may want to live in a home surrounded by green space and a lovely landscaping design. This is another side benefit of upgrading to a brand-new home.

You Want to Start a New Life in Your Dream Home

Upgrading to a brand-new home gives you the opportunity to start over with the décor. Think of a brand-new home as a blank canvas ready for the colours, styles and designs you have stockpiled in your imagination! No need to repaint walls or replace old carpeting. Everything is fresh and original when you upgrade to a brand-new home!

Lastly, you deserve to live in a home that fulfills all of the needs and preferences of your family. We have lots of home designs perfect for upgrading your living arrangements. Contact us to learn more about our beautiful home designs.

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