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Ensuite Options for the Working Couple

Posted on Jun 21, 2016 by Earl Raatz

ensuite-options-working-couple-riverton-red.pngA lot of buyers searching for a new home in Calgary are willing to pay extra for home features that will ultimately make their lives easier. For this reason, more new homes are being built with customized ensuites in order to cater to the busy lifestyles of homeowners.

Young, growing families have changing needs, especially working couples with one or more children. For this reason, a versatile ensuite that accommodates these needs is high on their list of priorities. If you are a homeowner to whom this sounds all too familiar, consider the ensuite options below for your new home.

Sinks and Vanities

One way in which working couples can simplify their lives is to choose a master bath with double sinks or vanities. Incorporate these sinks into a longer vanity and you will have plenty of room to get ready for work or a night on the town without bumping into each other. Lighted mirrors are also an attractive option and make getting ready easier.

Another option, especially for a larger ensuite, is to have separate, lighted vanities on either side of the room. Two distinct vanity areas allow for his and hers storage and additional space for linens and toiletries.


For homeowners that find themselves tripping over one another to get ready, dual showers are the ideal solution. This larger, more efficient shower option will afford you the opportunity to get ready for work, get out and get your kids ready for the day quicker than ever before. 

Glassed-in shower stalls are also becoming more popular in ensuite baths for many reasons. Other than offering a sleek and chic appearance that makes your ensuite look bigger. They also make for an excellent time saver as they are low maintenance and durable.


Built-in storage is another feature which is of tremendous help to a busy working family. By having shelving units built directly into the walls of your ensuite, you eliminate the need for an added linen closet and can avoid an overloaded vanity.

Having built-in storage is also extremely helpful in keeping your ensuite organized and clutter-free.


If you've had a hard day and need an escape from the kids, work, or both, a soaker tub is the perfect solution to melt away stresses and take some time for yourself. Candles, a glass of wine and voila! Instant relaxation.

Whether you desire a freestanding tub with classic flare or a modern corner tub for better utilization of space, there are a wide variety of soaker tub options available to accompany your ensuite design.

As an added bonus, you can also customize many of these tubs with whirlpool jets, chromotherapy lighting features, in line heaters and other customizable finishes to suit your needs.

Music and Media

Electronics in the bathroom are becoming increasingly more popular and even more commonplace. Bathroom mirrors, shower heads, vanities and bathtubs are now featuring wireless speakers, docking stations and Bluetooth devices. Televisions are also commonly being featured in ensuites.

Bathroom electronics provide busy families a convenient way to follow the news and weather before heading out the door in the morning. They're also great for catching up on your favourite shows or listening to music while taking a long bath in the evening.

Studies show that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. It’s where you start and end each day and offers a great place to hide and decompress. By incorporating features that make your busy moments easier and your down time more relaxing, you’re guaranteed to create a space you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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