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How Long Does it Take to Build a New Home?

Posted on Jan 10, 2019 by Earl Raatz

How Long Does it Take to Build a New Home? Featured ImageThe idea of building a new home in Calgary is appealing, and you feel like you're ready to make it happen. But how long does the build process actually take, and what can you expect to encounter along the way? Read on to learn all about the steps of construction as well as the factors affecting the amount of time it takes to build your new home.

Before the Building Begins

Getting Permits

Construction of a home begins with a plan. The plan is adjusted and developed before being finalized. Next, it’s given to the municipal building permit office to go through a review process. Permits are necessary for the electrical and plumbing in a home as well as its heating system.

Site Tests

Oftentimes, grade slips are issued by the approving authority with a general overview of the site conditions. A site test is done on the ground after the hole is dug to evaluate its ability to support a home. The results of these site tests allow engineers to make changes to structural components depending on the outcome of the tests.

The Building Begins

Preparing the Land

The land is prepared by staking out the boundaries of where your new home will be. In many cases, the topsoil on the property is removed and put aside for later use. Next, concrete footings are poured to serve as support for your foundation walls.

The Foundation Walls

Next, the foundation walls of the home are put up. The foundation is damp-proofed, and drainage tile and gravel is installed to keep water from pooling around the house. A municipal inspector will come out to the building site to check the foundation before the building is back filled to ensure it complies with local building codes.

Making Decisions About Floors, Cabinets and Tile

At this point in the process, you get to choose the type of tile, cabinets, flooring and other similar features for your home. It’ll be weeks before these items are put into your home, but they must be on order, so they will be ready to go when needed.

The Framing Process

This is the point where things really seem to start moving along quickly! The exterior walls are put up along with the interior partitions. The roof is assembled as well. After framing is complete, windows and doors are put up. Your home is at the point where it’s completely enclosed.

How Long Does it Take to Build a New Home? Electrician ImageNow, the floor of the basement is put in. The electrical and plumbing systems are installed along with the ventilation and ductwork for your heating and AC.

At this time, the municipal inspector will return to inspect the structure to see that it meets all building codes before work continues. The electrical and plumbing systems will also receive an inspection.

Working on the Exterior Walls

Things are really picking up steam now! Insulation work is done on the roof and the exterior walls. The vapour barrier is put in, then comes the drywall.

A Driveway, Siding and More

The final grading work is done on your property. Siding is put onto your home to protect it from all of the elements. In addition, eaves troughing, decks and porches are put in along with the driveway.

How Long Does it Take to Build a New Home? Drywall ImageAttention to the Interior Walls

Your interior is primed, cabinets are installed, doors and trim are completed. Now your home will be painted. The house is now ready for finished flooring and final trim. Once flooring is in, lighting and plumbing fixtures are installed as well as vent covers and other odds and ends. You are almost there!

Inspection Time

More inspections are done on your home at this point including inspection of stairways, railings and other similar features to see if they meet established safety guidelines. A final examination of your plumbing and electrical work will be done as well.

You’ll talk regularly with your builder at this time when decisions come up about finishes within your home and choices regarding other details. Plus, you’ll get more updates on what is finished and what is being worked on currently.

Going on a Walk-Through

At this point in the process, you get to take a walk through your new home with the builder. The builder will point out various features in your home and show you how the HVAC system operates. You can take this opportunity to ask questions.

Taking Possession of Your Brand-New Home

Once the possession date arrives, you’ll get the keys to your brand-new home! You can start to make all of those decorating ideas a reality. Of course, if you have any questions that pop up about your house once you begin settling in, you can call the builder for information. They will help you understand your warranty and assist if a claim needs to be made.

The Length of Time Necessary for Home Construction

How long does it take to build a brand-new home? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The style of the home, the condition of the land it will be built on, the size of the home and the inspector’s availability are all things factoring into how long it takes to build a home. As a general rule you can expect around six months to a year from start to finish, but the best answer to this question will come from your builder.

One of the best things about building a brand-new home is your family is first to use its appliances, walk on its floor and live in its rooms. You can enjoy the unique privilege of starting your home’s history.

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