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Model Feature: The Elina

Posted on Jan 15, 2019 by Earl Raatz

Model Feature: The Elina Featured ImageWhen you think about buying a new home in Calgary, what kind of home do you picture for yourself? Perhaps you’re envisioning a charming home design with all of the modern conveniences for your family to enjoy. Check out the Elina and watch your vision turn into reality!

An Introduction to the Elina 

The Elina provides you with 1,848 square feet of space. Your introduction to this spacious home begins as you move up the front walkway and step onto the quaint, covered porch. As the front door opens, you get your first glimpse into the warm, welcoming foyer of the Elina.

Model Feature: The Elina Kitchen ImageA Kitchen to Satisfy Any Taste

Feel free to use the bathroom just off the foyer to wash up before walking down the hallway and into one of the highlights of this home. The kitchen provides more than enough counter space to make school lunches, chop vegetables, prepare recipes and more. It features an island complete with a sink and breakfast bar for kids and adults who want to chat in the warm atmosphere of this popular room. 

Other highlights of the kitchen:

  • Stainless steel, energy efficient appliances
  • A built-in microwave
  • A modern stove and refrigerator 

An Open Concept Design Invites Conversation 

The main floor has a modern, open concept design. This means individuals in the kitchen can chat freely with those in the dining room or great room.

Let the Fun Begin in the Great Room 

Do your family members like to get together for a board game, cards or to watch movies on the big screen on the weekend? The great room with its 9-foot ceiling is an airy, pleasant space to spend time in with loved ones. Family and friends gathering for a holiday meal, a birthday dinner or anniversary celebration can eat in the dining room and move into the great room for dessert, games and conversation. 

A Mudroom Made for Active Families 

The rear entrance to the Elina is convenient for families who love the outdoors. A sturdy, built-in bench is useful when you want to sit and take off your muddy boots or shoes. Lockers line the wall, making for easy storage of umbrellas, jackets, coats, hats and more. 

The Second Floor of the Elina 

Take the staircase to the upper floor of the Elina and you’ll immediately be drawn to the expansive master suite. The natural light flowing into this gorgeous bedroom will bring the colourful walls to life! 

Model Feature: The Elina Ensuite ImageComfort and Relaxation in the Five-Piece Ensuite 

The counter featuring double sinks is one of the high points of the ensuite. You and a partner have plenty of space to move around and get ready for the day together. After a day’s work, relax in the shower or bathtub in the quiet serenity of this spacious, spa-like bathroom. 

The Walk-in Closet of the Master Suite 

If you love having tons of space to organize your shoes, jackets, pants, dresses, hats and more, then you’ll be thrilled the first time you enter this walk-in closet. You and your partner have the space to arrange your clothing by colour, size, season or any other way you like to organize it. 

A Laundry Room Convenient to All 

The laundry room in the Elina is located on the upper floor. This makes it easy for kids and parents to gather and wash soiled clothing items. A neat shelf allows you a place to put fabric softener, detergent, dryer sheets and other necessities for laundry duty. 

Two Appealing Bedrooms Upstairs 

The upper floor has two large bedrooms if you have a couple teenagers or two younger kids who need their own room. If your kids have grown up and left the nest, one bedroom could be a guest room while the other serves as an office. Windows in both rooms let in lots of sunlight, setting the tone for a pleasant atmosphere. 

A Fully-Equipped Bathroom for Kids and Guests 

A bathroom on the upper floor is convenient to both bedrooms. It features a bathtub, sink and counter space giving teens and kids their own place to get ready for school in the morning. 

The Elina Shines with Extra Surprises 

The Walk-in Kitchen Pantry 
The Elina has several extra surprises making it a standout winner for most folks who take a tour of its rooms. One notable extra feature is the walk-in pantry in the kitchen. Store your canned goods, pans, spices, extra dishes and even the dog food out of the way. 

The Flex Room on the Main Floor 
Looking into the 
flex room in the Elina you’ll see it’s filled with dozens of creative possibilities. It could serve as a home office, an extra guest room, a room for an elderly parent or just a storage room. The point is when you have a flex room, you have plenty of options. 

The Upper Floor Open to the Main Floor 
As you reach the upper floor via the stairs you’ll notice its open to the main floor. This ability to see down to the main floor plays in with the open concept design throughout the Elina. 

Think of how happy you and your family could be living in the Elina in Calgary! 
Contact us today for more information on this great model and the next steps for getting into the new home you deserve.

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