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Tips for Securing Your Down Payment

Posted by Earl Raatz on May 30, 2019

The cost of a home may seem overwhelming, and saving for a down payment can be daunting if you are just starting out. But, with the proper planning, budgeting and saving you can be well on your way to owning your own home. 

Below are some tips that will help you generate the down payment you'll need to purchase a home.

Ways being Waterwise can save you money

Posted by Earl Raatz on May 23, 2019

The earth might seem like it has abundance water, but in fact less than 1 percent is available for human consumption. The rest is either salt water found in oceans, fresh water frozen in the polar ice caps, or too inaccessible for practical usage. Human populations continue to rise which burdens our precious supply. Despite the fact that the water cycle continuously returns water to our earth, it is not always in the returned to amount, quality or even the same place.

5 Kitchen Ideas for Foodies

Posted by Earl Raatz on May 09, 2019

If you have a refined palette, love cooking, and are often instagramming your food, chances are you're  a foodie. So you probably want the kitchen to be more than just the heart of your home -  you want perfection. After all, the kitchen is where you express yourself from the sip of morning coffee to the delicate hors d'oeuvre with a glass of wine at night. If you’re going to put your mark on a room in your home, your kitchen is the strongest candidate!

10 Do's and Don'ts When It Comes to a HELOC

Posted by Earl Raatz on Apr 30, 2019

A home equity line of credit (HELOC) offers an easy way to access the equity in your home with flexible repayment terms and a low interest rate. While a HELOC can be a smart decision to consolidate debt, fund home improvements, or finance a major purchase, it's worth considering all of your options first.

Model Feature: The Westbury

Posted by Earl Raatz on Apr 25, 2019

Welcome to the Westbury, a magnificent two-storey home designed for the needs of today's homebuyers. Whether you’re a young couple with a growing family, an older couple looking to downsize, or a first-time home buyer, the Westbury offers superior craftsmanship and styling in an efficient footprint on two floors.

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