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Our Guide to Fabulous Farmhouse Style

Posted by Earl Raatz on Apr 23, 2019

Are you looking for a style of home décor that's equal parts warm and charming? Whether you’re decorating a brand-new home or want to give your current house a makeover, farmhouse style décor makes any home more inviting. Check out our guide to farmhouse style below that’s sure to give your home a dose of rustic flair.

8 Spring Home Decor Trends for 2019

Posted by Earl Raatz on Apr 18, 2019

The change of seasons from winter to spring can bring on a sense of renewal. Flowers are coming up, trees are blooming, and animals are emerging from their winter homes. Redecorating your whole house or a few rooms can help you feel renewed for spring. Take a look at several decorating trends that are picking up steam for the springtime.

The Benefits of Bungalow Homes

Posted by Earl Raatz on Apr 16, 2019

Two-storey homes are commonly seen in Calgary communities, but bungalows are another great option for local homebuyers. There are many benefits of a bungalow home with having your living space on one, open level.

Is 20% Really the Best Amount for Your Down Payment?

Posted by Earl Raatz on Apr 11, 2019

Conventional wisdom says that you should always put down at least 20 percent when you buy a home if you can. While a larger down payment often makes sense because it reduces your mortgage payments and helps you avoid mortgage insurance, a 20 percent down payment isn't always the right answer. Here's why you shouldn't put your dream of owning a home on hold just because you haven't saved up more for your down payment.

4 Ways to a Lower Mortgage Payment

Posted by Earl Raatz on Apr 09, 2019

Whether you're looking for tips on managing mortgage payments or you just hope to shave off some money from your housing expenses, there are several ways to potentially lower your monthly payments. Each option comes with benefits and drawbacks and there are often some costs involved, but they are worth looking at if it means living more comfortably.

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