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9 Tips for Getting Settled in Your New Home

Posted on Sep 27, 2016 by Earl Raatz

tips-getting-settled-new-home-family-moving.pngAfter shuffling the last piece of furniture into your brand new home, it might seem like the toughest part of moving is behind you. While that may be true, there are still things you'll have to do in order to settle in properly after your move.

Ideally, tasks like transferring your utility services over to your new home, filling out change of address forms at the post office, and reviewing any HOA rules your house is subject to have already been taken care of before the move. Below is a list of nine tips to follow once you've moved in so you and your family can truly feel at home in your new surroundings.

1. Test All Large Appliances

If you've transported large appliances like stoves, dishwashers, washing machines, and/or dryers, test them to ensure they're all still in good working order after the relocation, especially if your moving company sorted them for you before the move. Conversely, if all appliances came brand new with the home, make sure you familiarize yourself with the manufacturer's warranties.

2. Examine All Furniture And Boxes

In addition to making sure none of your furniture or personal belongings were damaged while being moved, you'll also want to make sure that none of these valuables were lost by double-checking a prepared home inventory list. If any of these things were damaged in any way, you can get in touch with your mover and/or your insurance provider to file a claim. Once again, it's crucial to do this as soon as you move in, or your insurance provider might deny you any reimbursements.

3. Protect Your New Home

It's a lot easier to settle in when you know your new home is protected against intruders. Make a copy of your keys, but keep them in a safe place at all times, and never give them out to anyone you don't know intimately. Make sure all exterior door locks are operational, and go ahead and program your garage door's access codes.

4. Inspect All Safety Features

Your new home's indoor safety features are just as important as those for its outdoor security. After checking to see that the smoke and gas alarms are properly installed and have batteries, look at the expiration date of your fire extinguisher and all other safety units, and test them to be sure they're working.

tips-getting-settled-new-home-moving-furniture.png5. Become Familiar With Your House

Locate your new home’s primary circuit breaker panel and ensure all breakers are plainly labeled so that you'll know which one goes to which area in the home. In addition, find out where the water control valves are located so you know where they are in case you ever need to shut them off.

6. Stock Up On Household Supplies

To keep your new home's interior looking its best, you'll want to purchase some cleaning supplies before you arrive. Also, be proactive and buy a standard tool set in preparation for any future repairs or maintenance.

7. Get To Know The Area

Walking is a great way for you to get acquainted with the layout of your new community. Either walk or drive slowly through the general area to locate the closest supermarkets, convenience stores, hospitals, banks, and post offices. Before taking off on your journey, you might want to organize an itinerary by doing some online mapping beforehand.

8. Take Part In Your New Community

Whether you've relocated from a big urban city to a tiny town or vice-versa, comfortably integrating into your new community will require you to invest some time and energy. Contributing to neighbourhood services and volunteering are two of the fastest methods for building strong new relationships. In addition, you could try joining an activity club with local people who have similar interests to yours.

More often than not, communities will promote social connections through various activities and associations - check your local rec centres, schools, community Facebook page etc to find out how you can get involved.

9. Take Time To Relax

One reason that many people take a long time to settle into their newly-built homes is because they become overwhelmed with everything that they need to do, and don't allow themselves enough time to simply enjoy their new surroundings. As you’ve now made it through the home buying process, the most difficult part is finally behind you. Inhale deeply, and savour the sensation of being the proud owner of a brand new home.

Planning Is Key to Settling In Comfortably

A smooth transition into your new home and community requires some planning and preparation on your part. But by taking care of these these nine important tasks as soon as possible after you move in, you'll be better able to bypass any potential obstacles and get right to living in your new space in a clear, relaxed state of mind.

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